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Chinese Herbal Lore

Herbal Medicine wine and Chinese herbal lore
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, April 20, 2003

Translator: Kuo
Transcriber: Jordana H.
Clear Light Temple, Colrain, MA


Q: What should I do about my arthritis?

A: I'll send you a bottle of the Chinese herbal medicine wine. Master Yu prepares that himself. The recipe is from my own family. I prepare myself, and it is for myself. I have so many American students that have arthritis that I gave out quite a few bottles. When they drank this, they all got well.

Q: How do I get it?

A: Master Yu will send you it. When you drink this - I will send instructions anyways, but let me tell you the instructions first - when you drink that, you should not drink it cold. You have to warm it up a little bit, but not too hot, so it doesn't evaporate! Just warm, so it's not hot when you drink it, but not cold. After you drink just a little bit, you'll feel your whole body sweating. If you begin to sweat like that, don't put on the air conditioner. Don't take a shower. You got to let it sweat. Therefore, all these problems with arthritis - you can figure that these organisms will begin to excrete through the pores as you're sweating. If you want to drink that, you have to drink it on an empty stomach. If you drink first, and then sit a few minutes before you eat, on an empty stomach - when you drink the wine first, you should wait about 10 minutes. For your condition, one bottle is enough. It will heal you completely.

Q: Can I get bottles for my friends?

Kuo: There's not too many bottles left, actually. I will tell you, just the ingredients alone cost about $200 US.

Master Yu: Of course, this medicine one is not good for only arthritis, but blood pressure and heart problems and … these things I have carried from China. You don't even have the ingredients here in the U.S. We will put it in a plastic water bottle - use very little - and we will put the instructions in there as well. When you warm it up, make sure you don't over heat it and evaporate the whole thing…

In the last batch, I only made 22 bottles. That's all I have. I don't have any more. When we were in China… I never buy stuff that is crushed. I buy stuff that I can tell if it's the real deal. I look at and know, right away, the quality of the herb that I'm buying. That's why it costs a lot. I'd rather spend the money and get the real deal! Save a few pennies here and there and buy the herbs - and they may not be real!

Q: Should we grow our own herbal medicines?

A: The fact is, you don't need to prepare the land to have an herbal garden. I have discovered in this area - there are certain vegetations that are herbs - you just don't know how to use them! Because they grow by themselves and nobody pays attention to them - these are better herbs than the ones you can grow yourself! When I was little, from 10 year old, I have been with my grandfather and father driving into the mountains and picking out herbs. In fact, this is the season where we would pick out herbs. In this area, there are a lot of stuff that you could use. (Conversations - unclear -herbs in Adirondacks…) It would be much better during the fall. If you guys get a temple together, and I come back the next few times, and we have the 100 day class, we can do all this herbal stuff from local herbs. We can even open our own herbal store!

Q: I heard that the original Ku Shuo Woo (???) years ago, grew very big in the wild - and that if you cooked it up, your hair would go from gray to black - but that in the modern day it doesn't work that well. (Laughter)

A: You just can't eat Ku Shuo Woo just like that… (unclear) It will make you even younger. It is about this size (1' - 1 ½') You boil it in water with ginger. For an older person you would have to drink this stuff for 100 days, then he's going to appear physically changed - 20 to 30 years younger! If they ask a lot of money for it, and it's the real stuff, then it's not much.

Q: There's a mountain in China where wild ginseng grows in slightly radioactive soil, and they would fight in the Old Kingdom for it, because one root of this stuff could turn you around… it was worth over $10,000. I just can't think of the name of the mountain now.

A: Chong Mai Chen? I've been there. The Commander of the Forest Gods, he is my disciple. As long as I am in China, and you happen to be in China and you want to visit Chong Mai Chen, I can arrange it for you. He controls the whole region! He's like the sheriff of the town. The best place to be in Chong Mai Chen is - they call this Heavenly Lake, or Heaven's Lake. Chong means long - for a long time, whenever, always. Mai means white, because the mountain is always white throughout the whole year. There's always snow capping all the mountains. The Heaven's Lake - you will only be able to get up there starting July 25. By September 15, it begins to snow. So that's the summer time in that sense. But still, even in that cold place, with snow capping the mountains all the time, there is still vegetation growing. But it is so cold, that … (unclear) in that window for 50 days.

© 1999-2003 Dari Rulai Temple

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