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Reptilian Race, Giant Snakes, and Foxes in Ancient Chinese Mythology
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, May 10, 2003

Dari Rulai Temple, Mt. Shasta, CA
Translator: Kuo
Transcriber: Decheng

According to the book the translator read, they say the leaders of the countries of this world, they have bloodlines that run all the way back to same ancestors and having to do with the reptilian race and historical mythology and so on. I will cover a little bit and talk about this subject. According to the books that the translator read, that author is very smart and observed the phenomenon and there seems to be some kind of relationship between all these phenomenon. His book is mainly talking about there are certain secret societies, they are the ones who really control and are the big boss behind every leader and government.

Of course this kind of thing does not happen in China. China had its own secret societies of gangs, they only began towards the end of the Qing dynasty. When the communists came to power in '49, basically, they have destroyed and extinguished all the gangs. Every gang leader and secret society leader, they were all executed. All the core members were captured and executed.

Today, you have new gangs in China after Mr. Deng Xiao Ping marketized the Chinese system. So we are talking about only for the last 20 years. For 20 years, the secret societies will have no way of controlling the government. By comparison, Chinese secret society of gangs, they are not that rooted, they are not that strong.

The other story that came from this author, some of this is only conjecture, but some may be based on some kind of mythology or truth. The story goes like this, probably the reptilian race mated a human woman and gave birth to offspring of mixed blood, and this bloodline became the leaders of the countries and so on. In regard to this storyline, actually there is a lot of Chinese mythology that also says the same thing. But in Chinese mythology usually it is the snakes and the foxes that are able to transform into human shape. The majority of these cases, they usually turn into a woman, not a man.

In the Yunan province of China that name literally means south of the cloud, in that province there is an very ancient legend, or myth about a giant snake that mated a woman, and then took over the tribe and so on, and gave birth to a lot of offspring…they all appear to be human. Yunan province, even until modern day many old, ancient, traditional societies still exist. They have matriarchal societies where the woman is actually the head of the household and the social system.

I have actually visited this kind of ethnic group myself, in Yunan province where the woman is the head. I have spent seven days there. What kind of society is that? Most people have never experienced it. If you get an opportunity you should take a trip and go visit them and experience it for yourself. Everyone in that society addresses the woman as mama. The man and woman don't get married in the sense that we have. Every evening they will dance, and they will address the man as ahsha. Ahsha you can translate as something like friend. If the man gets to be accepted by the woman that evening, then he will get a place to stay that evening. Literally, every house there belongs to the woman, man has no property. If that evening of the dance, the man does not get accepted by any woman, then he will get to stay in the barn. For the man, most of the men in their old age, they die in the barn with the cows.

When the communists came to power and ruled the country, they forced these people to get married like everybody else, but the people were not used to this kind of marriage system. So they still did their own way and had their own ideas. After the Cultural Revolution they returned to their old ways. You enter that village, in that place you will see twin peaks of mountains. People say those twin peaks are the breasts of the woman, so they call that mountain the mama mountain. At the foothill of that mountain there is a hot spring. For you to enter that village you will have to go through the hot spring and you will have to bathe in the hot spring. In this hot spring men and women get in there altogether. If you do not get into the hot spring and bathe yourself, they will not allow you to enter the village.

Here is the legend, this is before ?Dayue? , one of the first kings in Chinese history, over 4000 years ago. In this society where woman rules, the oldest woman is addressed as elder mama. This place is called ?Gerjou? In the old days it is called ?Momeyau?, which translates as something like cradle of dreams. In ancient times as far as people can remember it has always been woman's world. So there is a queen called Geryana. Of course, if the woman rules the society, then the man can either work as laborer or he can stay in the barn. The mountain has a nest with many snakes living there. The king snake has been there for many years, and one of these nights he is able to transform himself into a man. He entered the room of the queen Geryana. They joined together, and the queen got pregnant.

At a mountain far away, there is an old Taoist master living there. This Taoist master has been practicing for many years and has a great accomplishment and understanding. This Taoist master is able to see that queen Geryana is pregnant and he can look through the womb and see many, many baby snakes. So the Taoist master understands what is going to happen and has the intention that he is going to kill all the snakes. Of course the king snake is also aware of this and can sense what is coming, and therefore he ordered all his snake patriarchs to come and protect the queen.

Even though these snakes have been living for many years and have certain powers, but they are still snakes. By their own nature, snakes are afraid of the eagle. Even though these snakes now have certain powers and are able to transform into human shape, they are still afraid of the eagle. So they actually get some eagle feathers and put them into a bandana and wear them like that. In a way these snakes shape shifted into human shape wear the eagle feather to try and trick the eagle to not come and get them. Of course the real goal here is for self-protection so they don't have to worry about the eagle. And they guard the queen. But the Taoist master is chasing the queen, and trying to kill her because she is pregnant with all these baby snakes. So the king snake transforms into this man again, and grabbed the hands of the queen and ran off.

Everywhere they go, she will deliver babies. All her offspring later became a fierce group of people. Then human society begins to change, and it is no longer the woman who rules. Now the man rules the society. How do they find their brothers, because she had so many babies? They all have this custom. They wear the eagle feathers around their head. All the offspring through that bloodline, became the people that go everywhere on this earth. It's a very old myth. Of course this story is not in the book, its very old Chinese mythology.

Q. What is the origin of the queen and her people? Were they from the stars?

A. Its called south of the cloud. They believe they came down the mountain. They were mountain people. The belief is that before Dayue, he's the king that supposedly took care of the problem of the great deluge. Before that everybody was living on the mountain top. Right after that they came down the mountain and populated the land.

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