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Purify Water Dharma

Water Purifying Dharma Technique Discussion
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, April 26, 2003

Translator: Kuo
Transcriber: Jordana H.
Clear Light Temple, Colrain, MA

In addition to this purifying water, when else can you use this technique? In water, it's hard to detect the difference. Put some salt in the water! No one can survive and live on salt water. Pull out half of the salt water. Place the other half away. Then change the taste of this salt water in your hand. After purifying continue to do this - when you drink it, of course it is still salty - but it will be drinkable. That other half that you put away, it will still be the same.

I teach you this technique for a purpose. Let me stay that when the war really hits home town, you definitely will have no water to drink. Ditch water is water! Get some ditch water and purify it yourself! Seriously. When you have nothing, you will really not care.

Let's say you do this often, to purify the water you drink. All these things floating around are micro-organisms. They are neutral, beneficial to you. They will help you digest better, heal all sorts of skin conditions, and heal eye problems. Purify eye drops. Clean cuts and wounds. Every time we do this, put that water in a lab and test it! You could have it tested at Universities here in Massachusetts. Right away it's going to show up, right after we do the dharma. Whatever water you use will be all purified.

Q: Once you purify it, how long is the water good for?

A: If you really have to purify water, you don't have to worry about how long it's good for - you're going to drink it right after!

In the beginning, this may take you more time to go through the visuals. It doesn't mean you have to do it that fast like I did. The goal is to focus and follow the instructions correctly. The more times you do it, you'll get to that point - it takes practice.

© 1999-2003 Dari Rulai Temple

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