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  1. 12 Vows Of the Medicine Buddha & Medicine Buddha’s Sons. 
  2. Healing Session & Sars Discussion with Q & A. 
  3. Sars, Empowered Pendants Abhiseka & the Medicine Buddha Dharma Meditation. 
  4. Discussion on SARS & the Medicine Buddha Dharma Meditiation Practice To Heal Virus & Disease. 
  5. Cause of Cause of SARS virus and Discussion of Medicine Buddha Dharma Meditation. 
  6. Chinese Buddhism, Philosophy, Practice SARS, & The Medicine Buddha Dharma.




12 Vows of the Medicine Buddha & Medicine Buddha's Sons


17 June, 2000,

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren,

Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles,

Translated by: Jaliniprabhahumara,

Transcribed by: Chanzi Decheng

Before I begin the lecture, the person, your son right? Deaf? Come here. Bring a chair for him, right in the center here. We will help him during the lecture. Can you read my lips or do you need… O.K. When we begin, don’t sign to him anymore. We want to see whether he can pick up the sound.

While I am healing him from the deaf problem, I will also teach you how to do this. How do you heal people born deaf, and born cannot speak? (Master describes dharma technique to heal deafness)

We’re looking for the paper right now. This kind of paper doesn’t work, too thick, more like Chinese calligraphy paper, or even thinner, there’s another type. Almost like rice paper, yeah. Rice paper. When you visualize, you have to focus, don’t wonder off half way. Today’s bring forth the light ceremony is a joyful occasion. But now we have a double joy because a few disciples brought in a statue of Bodhisattva. Of course, they thought it was a Kwan Yin. But that is not Kwan Yin Bodhisattva that is a Medicine Buddha’s assistant, the son of Medicine Buddha. This just happened like this, but its destiny, because we do have a Medicine Buddha right there. You cannot ask for it, it will just happen, the assistant will come to the Buddha. 

The two of them together, they will be able to do more to bring out the power of Medicine Buddha and to save all living beings… That’s not the right paper, doesn’t work. Rice paper with kind of a little bit of shininess in there is best. Red doesn’t work very well. White is better. Jut the original color is better. That kind of rice paper you can get it everywhere in China, because that the only paper they have. In Japan they have a lot of this kind of rice paper, but here you don’t have it. I did bring some from China… (Master heals deaf person). 

So they brought in that statue, I recognized that statue as Medicine Buddha’s assistant. So I chanted a mantra for that statue. I will tell you a story about the Medicine Buddha and his two sons, and their relationship, and their karmic tie together… We know that Medicine Buddha had made great vows to sacrifice himself for the happiness of the living. He saw the suffering, the pain of sickness, the harsh environment that caused problems for the people, so he decided to study plants, medicines, and how to help people. So in order to find cures for different kinds of sicknesses, he often used his own body, used himself as a guinea pig, to try the medicine he made himself. Of course, he tried everything and he was poisoned many times. So lets say if in the mountains, he was studying all these vegetations, and medicines, then without pen or paper, he would take very hard grass like a needle, and use the needle to carve out on his own arm his own forearms, and write out and record his own findings. So after he had studied and learned the nature of different types of vegetations, with his findings he was able to help a lot of people, and even animals when they got sick. But Medicine Buddha discovered, even though he could cure them of their physical ailments, they still got sick afterwards. Because they got sick after he healed them, he discovered that everyone’s mind is at a different place, at a different realm. 

So he discovered the harsh environment caused a lot of problems for the living. It brought them sickness more than they would catch on their own, and also because their own mind. But what was more important; that people for their own selfish desire, then they would hurt one another. For their own selfishness, they would harm others, no matter what. Of course, there are some people in this world, for their own livelihood they will rob others, or they will steal from others. Then, there are those, for their own satisfaction, they will even commit murders. Every year there are wars that bring a lot of suffering to the people. He thought, these people are already so pitiful, but they saw those who broke the law and went to jail, and yet he will feel those who break the law are so hateful. But again, when they are in jail, then…they are suffering, in a way, even though they have done this for themselves, then he would feel their pain too. 

There are those, for their own enjoyment of the moment, they will kill others. They have caused a lot of pain and brought a lot of suffering to the family members of the victim. If everyone learned of a person like this, they will say “lets get him”, because that not a good person, everybody will hate that person. Again, let’s say the government catches the criminal, and decided his punishment is execution, again, if you watch the execution you will have compassion for that person because you understand that’s a painful thing to go through. 

Medicine Buddha also realized, even though you may occupy a position of power, a high political position, but still you have a lot of worries, in your heart, you have a lot of pain you are carrying. Every other ordinary people, for their life they have to work very hard, and they have to do all sorts of things in order to make a living. Then there are those who are so unlucky, they will run into a natural disaster, and they lose their home, and just go about everywhere begging for food. There are those who are born without hearing, born loss of speech, or born missing a leg or missing an arm, or born blind. All this suffering, all this pain, brings to the living a lot of inconvenience. So Medicine Buddha vowed what we call the 12 great vows of the Medicine Buddha. 

In order to realize his 12 great vows, then he must attain to that high merit, and attain realization himself first. Once you have great merit, with great merit, that when, what we, the Chinese call it, Like a ship you will be able to carry everything. Then with your own merit you will be able to help those, because of their own karma from past life you can kind of, in a way, fill up the missing parts. For Medicine Buddha feels if you have a righteous heart, for someone who has a righteous heart in them, then if they want to go toward enlightenment. Medicine Buddha thought that, every living being because of different destiny, they may not have a chance to meet me in person. 

As long as they will chant my name, the Medicine Buddha’s holy name, then I will help them with my power, and to save them from their sufferings. #1. If they will chant the Medicine Buddha’s holy name, I will save them from their sicknesses. #2. If they chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha, then they will avoid disasters and I will help them live a longer life. #3. Those who chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha will help themselves, and they will naturally avoid the sufferings from the natural environment. #4. Those who will chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha all their life, then no evilness, no ghost will come close to them. #5. If they chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha for all their life, then they will never run into fighting, bullets, guns, and so on. #6. If they chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha, if they are taking along journey to some other places, they will not run into robbers, they will have a safe trip back. #7. Those who were born with physical deficiencies, if they chant the names of the Medicine Buddha, then they will quickly dissolve that problem, and next life, they will strive toward light and have a better life. #8. Those who chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha all their life, in their heart, they will no longer have this pain, and they will have joy. #9. If someone chanted the name of Medicine Buddha, if they are in jail, then they will not feel they are in jail, they will not feel the pain and the suffering. #10. Those who chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha will naturally avoid all problems of what we call the 5 thunders of nature, thunderbolts. 

We mean those 5 thunderbolts as the 5 elements. First, metal, which means, no knife will harm you. Wood element means all kinds of car accidents or transportation accidents. Water element means you will never be drowned. Fire element means you will never suffer from the fire, or you will never have a fire accident happen to you. The firth element, the earth, means you will not run into the accident or suffer from earthquakes, mudslides, etc. so what that means, the 5 elements the 5 thunderbolts, means the destruction of nature. 

#11. Those who chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha all their life, if they are in jail, then they will not be harmed by the prison guards or by their jail mates. Last one, #12. Those who chant the holy name of Medicine Buddha, if they are facing execution, at that moment they will have no fear, and they will go to their next life, pure, with pure karma. Medicine Buddha had made 12 great vows to save all sentient beings.

So he studied all kinds of medicine, all kinds of vegetations, and accumulated great merits. Because he put all his heart into it, all his energy into it, so he forgot about his own family. For he had 2 sons. His 2 sons saw that their father never came home to take care of them and their mom. His sons felt anger toward the father for the pains of their mom. For their mom’s sake, the 2 sons fought with their father and argued with their father. 

In the beginning, the Medicine Buddha felt that he had not done anything wrong. He felt that he was doing something to serve everyone; his family was only a small portion of the whole humanity. Later, Medicine Buddha realized he had already made a mistake. Even his own wife, his own sons, his own family, they were still just like a living being, and they also needed help like every living being. If he could not help even his own wife and his own sons, then how could he help and save others? So from that moment on, he vowed to give to his wife whatever he owed her, if he owed her. He would treat his wife with love and care and more attention. For his sons, he reasoned with logic and reasoning to change their thinking, their views, for he had never really spent much time with his own sons. 

His sons had no emotional feeling or love toward their father. They didn’t understand what he was doing. Through his own family, he tried to change himself. Yet, not only did he have to change himself, but he also in a way had to guide the three persons of his own family. Medicine Buddha eventually decided he would bring along his two sons to the mountains. He decided to bring his two sons along with him on this journey, but he carried all the luggage. Wherever he heard there was a place where there were a lot of people getting sick or suffering from different kinds of things, then he would go there. They had journeyed to many different places for along time, and they had to suffer a lot of pain and harshness as they were traveling. As time went on, his two sons eventually realized what their father was doing. From that time on, his two sons wanted to carry the luggage for the father. They began to help their father out, they would cook and clean and do everything else. They would wash their father’s hair, wash their father’s feet, so they could free up more time for their father so he could think about ways of helping others. Through his own actions, his own deeds, he transformed his 2 sons, his own wife, and in a way he transformed all the people who met him. 

Once his 2 sons realized about their father, they followed their father everywhere. They became the assistants of the Medicine Buddha, the 2 greatest assistants, or the 2 protectors of Medicine Buddha. Their names, one was called Dur Wei Li, the other was called Dur Wei Shen. Dur Wei Li means, all the merits I have, and they belong to everyone. Dur Wei Shen means, all the merits I have, respect everyone else as my own parents. Their merits, the two sons merits, became just like their own father, the Medicine Buddha merits, became shining without bounds through this whole universe. Today, we have this destiny, one of the sons of Medicine Buddha… (Changing tape) 

… mudras of Medicine Buddha and visualization that goes along with that whole dharma. I will teach you the ways to chant medicine Buddha mantra. Do not think you are just like joking, and say it a couple of times and its going to work. For you have to chant the mantra, really get into it, and when that mantra is vibrating in such a way, that when things will happen. For an analogy, it’s like a TV. If we are watching a TV, you switch to a certain channel. If that channel is just slightly off, then you will not have good reception. So how long has it been since we began, almost 40 minutes? We will see if the red paper will work also. Open his eyes. (Master claps his hands, the deaf person responds to the sound. Master voices a syllable, the deaf person voices the same syllable back… everyone is astonished and amazed) 

Kuo: That’s one, two three in Chinese. 

(Master counts to 10 in Chinese, the deaf person repeats after him)

Master: So he had not been able to hear from 15 years, and could not speak at all. But I can only teach him Chinese! So talk to him, he will pick up some sounds. You have to do this all the time, everyday. If you don’t do this, he will become atrophied again. Then you will get him to follow you and make sounds, the more he uses his tongue… it will come beck again. The more he can hear, no matter what kind of sound, the sensitivity will come back. Everybody talk to him. That’s it for today.


Healing Session and SARS Discussion

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren,Munson Memorial,

Library ~ April 16th, 2003,

Clear Light Temple,

Amherst Mass.

Translated by: Kuo

Transcribed by:  Jordana H.

Dechan Jueren: As I have announced, beginning yesterday from 9:30 – 10:30 in the evening, for one hour every evening during that time, as long as I am in town, I will provide healing for everyone if you remember just to sit and relax, and turn your hands over like this. You don’t have to close your eyes. You can be watching TV, or listening to the radio, and still receive this healing energy at the same time. The healing is beneficial whether for the physical ailments you have, or emotional, or psychological stress, or whatever. (Unclear) A person is a total package. When you do this healing for others, it’s not just for physical illnesses. So, if I can ask, for those that have heard this announcement earlier, did you give it a try last night? And what did you feel? Has anybody here tried it out?

 Audience: Some sensation in my hands.

Dechan Jueren: Has anybody else tried this out since yesterday? We had a different group of people yesterday. There are only a few that attended yesterday.

Dechan Jueren: We all know what’s going on in the world right now. In many people’s perceptions, the world seems to be headed somewhere, that no one wishes to happen. Every kind of virus will begin to surface. This is only the first one you will hear of. There is more coming, and they will begin to really become very serious in the a few years. If this, what is expected, will happen, what are we to do? Because this question about the coming disasters – “What do you see in the future that will happen?” since I returned to the U.S. about a month ago, many people have asked me this very question. Every body asked me that question about the events and what will happen in the future, what’s going to come in the next few years. The moment I landed in Los Angeles, many people that I met asked me these questions. Why have many people asked me these questions about what’s going to happen next? Because July of last year, I have said this in public, in a temple to everyone there – come to the end of the year, around November of next year, you will begin to see a new kind of virus. The symptoms will seem to be a common cold. And the person will have a cough. Once the person has the cough, he will die in 3 – 9 days. When I said this in July of last years, most people that heard this – they heard about it, but they didn’t pay much attention, they didn’t think about it. But this time when I returned back to the States only about a month ago, many people asked me these questions –what’s going to come next? Because ever since I have come to this country, I have said a few things before they happened. Usually an entire year before, so people begin to realize after this new (unclear) anything I say, it always happens the way I say it. But people this time were very curious. They want to know the future events, what’s going to come next. The question one should ask oneself is, what are you to do? What are we to do in this kind of environment?

I came to the U.S. in ‘98. Since then, for the past four years or so, many things have happened in the world, and I have predicted for a few people what will happen – for example, such as the presidential elections, I said that the situation will happen in such a way, who is going to be the next president after this person becomes the president, and what will happen to the economy, and the war will begin, and so on. I also said to others - Taiwan just had an election – and I also said, who will be the President? It’s not the guy everybody expects it to be. The least likely guy will become the president, and what will happen to the economy and what will happen to Taiwan after this guy become the president, and so on. And they all became the reality. Of course everybody hopes there is peace, but more so their concern is they should have good health and have a happy life. There’s nothing to be afraid of war. What you really have to be afraid of is not the war getting bigger. What you have to be afraid of is a virus that will be much more serious. The war – you can take preventive measures and avoid it yourself. You can hide in the ground. But with a virus and communicable diseases, it may not be so apparent. You will not be able to watch out for it. Ever since these things began, months ago, most South Asian and East Asian schools have been closed. They have not re-opened their schools yet. Supposedly they are scheduled to open up their schools the 21st of this month, but that may change. In Beijing, China, that’s in North part of China – because people say in the South China a lot of people are infected with SARS – but in Beijing they also have all their schools closed. Let me put it this way:

(Sound of phone ringing) – Let me apologize. This is a student whose father is passing away today. Hello, Douglas? He will go peacefully. He will not feel too much pain. Master says it will be 45 more minutes before he is completely gone. It should be about 11 that he will be completely gone. He said you can begin to Chant the Amitabha Homeward Mantra 36x and then 108 times of Six-Path Vajra. 36 Amitabha Homeward Mantra and then Six-Path Vajra 108 times…

Kuo: This is a student from Los Angeles – Douglas. I guess some of you have already met Douglas. His father is passing away. About a year ago, when Master came, he learned about Douglas’ father who had just had one of his legs amputated. Master said that was a bad idea, and he was going to die about a year from them. Since then it has been one year, two months. I guess he got an extra two months of life, because Master has been helping him along the way.

Dechan Jueren: All I can do for him now is make it painless, so he does not suffer when he does. He will not suffer, and he will not feel this pain when he dies, and he will go peacefully. Of course, after he passes away, I will help him out along the next path, to go to somewhere of light.

Let’s put it this way: it’s called panic control. It’s not so much about being honest to the public. They have people who do not want to keep the exact numbers – how people are infected, and how people, exactly, have the symptoms. I can tell you this – the first case of SARS began in Shen Zhen in South China, on Dec. 28th last year.

As of today, nobody in the world has come up with a solution or a cure for this thing called SARS. Stricken countries, countries infected with SARS, took a dive in their tourism, and lost money in their economies. Think about all these major cities in the East – Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. You go to a restaurant in those cities right now, and you see very few people there. You go to a market, and you realize there is atleast 70% less people there shopping. In every major corporation in the East, every person working there knew someone who died in the company. Of course, there are many doctors also infected with SARS while trying to treat their patients. So when I returned to the U.S., many people became very curious and anxious, and wanted to know – what about the U.S.? The answer to their question is very simple – aren’t United States and China the only place on this earth that breathes the same atmosphere? Of course this is common knowledge now – any place from South East are being detained on the West Coast, coming to the U.S. For my own self, I can tell you there are maybe 10 or so cases of possible SARS patients being detained in Los Angeles already, but they have to be quarantined.

So you can guess what will happen pretty soon. First it’s the restaurants – there’s going to be much less people going into the restaurants. This thing’s pretty serious. They consider this the first unknown and untreatable virus of the 21st Century. But the public officials are not telling the whole truth, because they have to consider other things, such as, how about making money? They are going to be losing dollars, because it’s bad for the economy. Supposedly these public officials are saying, “SARS is under control. We are treating and at least controlling the SARS patients. We’re getting better at it. It’s not spreading any further.” This is a lie. If you think about it, not just from what they say, what they are saying is, “Come, you are okay.” It’s for business. They don’t really care about their visitors.

For all these living Buddhas in China, they knew what would happen in the future. So ever since right after 9/11 event, the first New Years after 9/11, they already knew what would come in the next few years, next ten years. So they have come together, and did a 100-day ceremony, a prayer service. This group of people in China, in Beijing, will rarely gather together like this. There were eleven Living Buddhas from the Yellow Temple. Eleven. That’s a lot of Living Buddhas at the same time. And 108 Lamas, 108, from the Palace of Harmony, also in Beijing China. They came together and did a 100-day service, a dharma ceremony, to empower pendants. In addition to pendants they actually, I call it empower but you can think of… they put all their powers, all their blessings, they infused them into all these items. Pendants, and other articles of clothing, and also masks. All these things. (Unclear) Of course, right after 9/11, the foreign relationship between China and U.S. is basically in a not very good state right now. So it would not be very easy to bring all these items to the U.S.

This pendant I am holding for you, last time I brought some from with me China. That’s the only time I brought it back from China. I brought a suitcase full of pendants. This time when I came back from China to the U.S., I was not able to bring any over. So that’s the only suitcase load of pendants I have in the U.S. right now. They’ve been sitting there for about a year. Most people don’t know too much about it.

If you wear this, what would this do for you? If you wear this empowered pendant from all these enlightened people, this whole group of enlightened people, it’s like they turned all these little pendants in a kind of like converging hot spot, with the energy of the universe. Therefore you will form a field of protection all around you, kind of like increase your aura strength, therefore you will naturally strengthen your immune system, and you will be protected against illness and viruses. Of course, as I say, I only brought over one suitcase full of the pendants about a year ago, and maybe half of those are gone. There is a very limited quantity. If anybody still wants to get one, you can get one at the table at the back. We ran out, but if you still want more, you can leave your shipping address and your name, and we will try to drop ship it to you from China. Easy come, easy go in the mail (unclear) – it will pass through the mail much easier, rather than trying to get it in quantity. If we get them shipped from China, then it’s coming from the Palace of Harmony directly. It’s not coming from any other temples. They still have the inventory of all these items sitting in the Palace of Harmony.

So how powerful really are these things? If it has such an effect, does this thing really have this much energy? You can try to sense this for yourself. Place your feet on the ground flat and just turn your hands over with the palms facing up, and relax

If I move in this way, what do you feel?

Audience: (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Do you feel a certain sensation in your palms? Keep your palms facing up, and you will feel it. What about if I move this way? What do you feel in your hands? What about this way? It is a different kind of sensation.

Kuo: In other words, they are “mantrized” – I call this mantrizing them – to actually infuse the items, bless the items, so they now actually have all this power, strength.

Dechan Jueren: These little pendants will be very effective in the near future. So I have to tell you this, whether you want to get one or not, because you will find out in the future, and I will only tell you right now, we have a very limited quantity in the U.S. As I mentioned earlier, they also empowered and blessed clothing, shoes, something you want to wear. I have only brought a few sets back, and I have not seen any sets left. Everybody snatched them up. They’re all gone.

The world is in turmoil. The question is, what are we to do? The only things you should really be doing and focusing on is how to stay healthy. If you have good health and good luck, then you don’t have to be afraid of anything. You can be around afterward to help out. Of course, I say this and people may feel it is very selfish. People may feel I have no compassion, that I keep saying, “Prepare yourself, and don’t care about what happens in the world.” But be realistic, and be very honest. Whatever happens in the world, you have no control over it. You are a single person. You think you can do anything to change it?  There is nothing you can do about it. This is reality. So you’re unique not in the sense like what can you do for the rest of the world, but what can you do for yourself. First, have good health.

That’s why I have decided to begin to teach the Medicine Buddha teaching. About a week ago in Hawaii, in Maui, I have begun that teaching to the public. Traditionally, the whole Medicine Buddha dharma practice was only meant for the initiated students. It was not meant for the public. But now it’s the time, whether it’s for the initiated students or for the public, they need this Medicine Buddha Dharma practice. By doing this, not only will you prevent yourself from catching this virus called SARS and other things that will come soon, but you will also be able to heal others who have it. However there is one requirement before one may begin to learn the Medicine Buddha Dharma. The requirement is you must receive an Abisheka first – a Buddhist form of baptism, an empowerment in the sense of transference of power. So that in doing this practice you will become effective. Without getting Abisheka, it will be useless.

The dharma practice includes mantra, mudra, and visualization, and the Medicine Buddha mantra is a little bit longer than what most people have learnt. They know very short mantras, but this mantra is a little bit longer. If you decide to learn it, you will really have to put some effort to memorize the whole thing.

This last time I was in China, it was about New Year’s time. I began in China for the initiated students, a new teaching – only for the people who are 65 years and older. It’s called the Longevity Practice. From these students that were over 65 years old in China, they began to learn this since New Year’s, many of them have practiced more than two months. People begin to notice a change in them. Last time I came here, I have mentioned – if you learn the Foundation Practices and do these every day, 100 days later you will notice the change yourself. This time, I have seen a few familiar faces from last time, and from what I can observe, you have already changed. You are looking much better than the last time.

In Esoteric Buddhist practice, if you learn the correct method of instruction, and do them accordingly, whoever does this can achieve the same results. So what can you do to change your own health conditions to their functioning, optimal state by learning this correct methods? What can you do to really change yourself over, so you actually grow younger, so that you can free yourself from worries? This is what I believe: any followers of religion, any practitioner who really focuses on changing oneself first, will accomplish that first – to free oneself from suffering, illness; to be free from bad luck – I think it is everybody’s wish. But a wish is still a wish – what do you do to make that it into reality? There is no other way, and you have to rely on yourself. Learn some correct way of doing that, in order to achieve what you want. Understanding of wisdom is not something others can give you. You will only realize it through your own efforts. If you really want wisdom revealed to you, then you have to bring your awareness higher. If you really wish to change your health conditions, then you have to do certain practices every day, and follow instructions. When you do this kind of practice, you can not be keeping score – in the sense that I am doing it and attached to the appearances of things. And you should not be limited by the words of language, by the words I say. You have to understand what I am trying to say, not just the words. If you do this kind of practice, you must follow according to my instruction. Do it accordingly. In the process of doing this yourself, you have to go beyond the words. Don’t be limited by the words. So your mind, your heart, actually enter that nature, or that state of reality. So your mind, will actually be pure mind. Once you have no more thoughts on your mind, then your mind is pure mind, that’s when you begin to see things clearly. You are now at a state of (unclear.) When your mind is truly calm, it is like a reflection from the water. You will see everything clearly, and the obstacles – the limitations you have – will naturally disappear. This is a very important point. Since we have the great fortune to be together this morning, I am here to provide a healing for everybody. So if you just sit with your palms facing up. You can either sit with your eyes closed or open. Either way is fine.

When I do healings for others, many people still don’t understand what I am doing. It’s like many people that have heard of me, have heard of other peoples’ testimonials that they can get healed. So they come to my temple in L.A. So everybody comes to the healings; I am always talking to people. The person that has a lot of opinions about me – for example, patients often will say – I came to you for help, to hear me, but how come I have been sitting here for this much time, and you haven’t started to do anything? Not even touch me or do anything? Others will make it clear to them: When Master Yu does healings, he doesn’t seem to do any kind of movements. All you do is sit there, and you will get healed. As you can see, I do not do any kind of movement. I simply give out something for you to heal, and to heal you. But many of you begin to feel these kinds of sensations at one point.

What do you feel in your hands right now? Of course, these healings are meant for every different kind of problem, whether it’s physical illness or mental-emotional kind of stress. They will all be effective, beneficial to every type of illness.

Dechan Jueren: What do you feel inside?

Audience Member: Unclear… I broke my (leg? Hand?)

Dechan Jueren: Did they put anything inside it?

Audience Member: Yes, they put in pins six weeks ago, and I’m doing physical therapy.

Dechan Jueren: I give you an extra hand. It’s been six weeks already, so it’s not much … they already did surgery and everything – but if this just happened an hour ago, put it this way – you could walk out of here in 40 minutes, you could walk out of here with no pain.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, what are you feeling now? Everybody, what do you feel? Don’t worry if you begin to get warmer, feel hot. I will now raise the room temperature slightly. Do you now feel it’s beginning to get warm? I’m not trying to light a torch or anything, but let me raise it slightly higher. By raising the temperature higher, you feel this kind of warmth and heat, it’s kind of like disinfecting – all of this passes down, out of your systems. No matter what illness you have, any type, they will all be healed.

And now I will begin to lower the temperature, a little bit. If I keep going for a much longer time raising it, you would be uncomfortable. You feel there seems to be some cool air around you. The cooling down will actually feel more comfortable. Suddenly you may start to feel this coolness under your feet. All this cold stuff coming out from under your feet. Anybody feel this?

Audience: Yeah! Mmm-hmm, yes.

Dechan Jueren: Any questions? Any curious questions? Any interesting ones?

Audience Member: I’ve had a yeast infection since I was 17 – it’s been nearly 9 (?) years. I really want it to go away. I’m feeling somewhat hopeless that it will go away!

Dechan Jueren: That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. That should help

Audience Member: Thank you! (In Chinese)

Dechan Jueren: Close your eyes. Just for you, everybody don’t change your hand position – just for you, one palm face down, either one. He has a northern accent, so you may not be able to understand him. Sorry! (Laughter) Keep your eyes closed, don’t open them again. You can listen and speak, but don’t open your eyes. But if you feel some sensation going out through your body, you can share this with everybody. I will tell you this – you will feel a kind of itching sensation around the infected area. You may actually feel that something is leaking from this infected area. This kind of sensation that something is leaking, seems to be flowing out, you may have this sensation for three days. If you do have this kind of sensations for three days, later, you should be as good as you did before you were 17 years old. What do you feel now?

Audience Member: A lot of energy in the lower part of my stomach.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, just relax and keep your eyes closed. Anybody else have any questions to ask?

Audience Member: If we bring to mind other people that are not in the room, can they receive healing also?

Dechan Jueren: Yes, and the way to do it is you just imagine that you are this person. You are no longer you – you have to think you become this person. Completely now, you are this person. Doesn’t matter how far away he is, he is not very far because you are this person now. So you are sort of like a medium and this person will receive the healing. Of course, by helping out others, you will also receive that healing yourself. Anybody else?

Audience Member: For 14 years, I have been working with a very bad pain in between my shoulder blades, in my spine.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, please also keep your eyes closed, and the healing will become more effective. For others who also have the same kind of back pain or even neck pain, just think of this area, and I will do this healing for you. Just relax, and what do you feel around the back of your neck, and your whole upper back?

Audience Member: (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Focus on the back of your neck. What do you feel? Do you feel tingling, or do you feel kind of … (unclear)

Audience Member: Tingling.

Dechan Jueren: For the young lady sitting in the back, keep your eyes closed. And for this other lady that brings this question of this ache or pain, what do you feel around your neck and your back right now?

Audience Member: Like something’s going up the center (?) … warm…

Dechan Jueren: For the two ladies, please keep your eyes closed. For everybody else, does anybody else have any kinds of question?

Audience Member: I have Chrone’s Disease and also really bad stomach pain.

Kuo: How long have you had it?

Audience Member: Three years.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, please also keep your eyes closed. Don’t open your eyes. This is actually easier than the others. Do you feel something going on in your abdominal region? Do you feel it a little bit?

Audience Member: Feels like something moving.

Kuo: How is it moving? Downward or side to side?

Audience Member: Downward.

Dechan Jueren: I have to warn you, if you have this downward sensation, for the next two days, you may have to run to the bathroom. It will seem like you are having diarrhea, but it’s not diarrhea. Don’t worry about that. Don’t take any medications if you’re running to the bathroom like that, because it’s trying to get rid of the problems, which is tangled up inside. So don’t take any medications, or you will miss the process. For the next two days, if you still feel this downward sensation, this is what will happen. Okay, anybody else?

Audience Member: I know a woman who has bad lung cancer … she hasn’t been given very long to live.

Dechan Jueren: Do you know what year she is born, her birth year?

Audience Member: I don’t know – maybe late 40’s or early 50’s. But she would be in her early 50’s.

Dechan Jueren: Knowing her birth year is a frame of reference for me, so I can focus on her. It will be more effective and I can help her more. Without knowing her birth year, the only thing I can do is go through you and do it. The most I can do is lessen her pain.

Audience Member: (Unclear – trying to figure out birth year) … problem with anger and depression for about eleven years.

Dechan Jueren: (Smiling) It’s no problem, don’t worry. Let me make you happy. Please remove your eyeglasses and relax.

Audience Member: I had difficulty with walking and moving.

Dechan Jueren: This is pretty obvious. I already … please keep your eyes closed, turn your hands over, and please take off your eyeglasses.  As I said, I don’t do any kind of movement when I do healing, except maybe to walk farther away. The fact of the matter is at a distance away is actually more powerful. If you want to strike somebody, if you hold on to that person you’re not going to strike them very hard. If you stand a distance away, you can get a staff and swipe them real hard. (Laughter) You said that you have a problem with movement, problem walking. What do you feel right now?

Audience Member: Tingling in my hand, pulsation.

Dechan Jueren: What about the bottom of your feet?

Audience Member: Tingling on the right.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, please keep your eyes closed. Anybody else? (Laughter) Way in the back? Yeah, go ahead.

Audience Member: Thank you for working with me last fall. I need help with… (unclear)

Kuo: What do you mean by that?

Audience Member: A lot of infections, and I talked to Master Yu about it…

Dechan Jueren: Okay, please keep your eyes closed, and your palms facing up. Okay, for those who say ‘please keep your eyes closed,’ please continue to keep your eyes closed. The lady in the back with these infections, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: A lot of tingling!

Dechan Jueren: Where?

Audience Member: In the infected areas.

Dechan Jueren: Now you may begin to feel that something is leaking out, or flowing downward. Don’t be afraid. It’s just a sensation; it’s not actually leaking. For the lady with the backache problems what do you feel now?

Audience Member: Slowly opening in the different vertebrae.

Dechan Jueren: Be patient, and just relax and keep your eyes closed. Hopefully I will be able to help you out, this one time could be successful (unclear). Since you said you have had this pain for a few years, just be patient and do it a little bit longer. Okay, anybody else? More hands than before! (Laughter)

Audience Member: Stubborn pain. Hurts to hold a pen, in my back and in my arms. I had a bad ache when I walked into the room. 

Dechan Jueren: Okay, just keep your eyes closed, and we will fully relieve you of all the pain. What do you feel right now?

Audience Member: Opening sensations…

Dechan Jueren: How much more pain do you still feel?

Audience Member: I’d say like half, or as much as 2/3.

Kuo: Half the pain then before?

Dechan Jueren: Not good if it’s only half. It has to be gone completely. Half is too little.

Audience Member: I feel warm.

Dechan Jueren: What do you feel on the bottom of your feet?

Audience Member: A wind.

Dechan Jueren: What do you feel about the pain here?

Audience Member: It’s very slow.

Dechan Jueren: Slow is no good! Healed has to be 100%, so we have to strive for that goal. (Pause) What do you feel now?

Audience Member: (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Take some more time. Hopefully it will be gone. What do you feel on the bottom of your feet?

Audience Member: I feel connected…

Dechan Jueren: That’s the idea. Connected, become one, so the whole world will suck away the pain. Okay, anybody else?! It’s getting tougher! (Laughter)

Audience Member: My wife’s got polyps – cancer growths in her bladder. She has for the last four or five years. She’s going to be operated on tomorrow.

Dechan Jueren: You’ve already scheduled the surgery for tomorrow. The most I can do for you is lessen the pain, make her not feel so much pain. If you had not scheduled the surgery, then maybe I could do something else. The lady with the pain all over, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: If I shift a little bit I can feel… (unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Please do continue to shift! (Laughter) Those that I told to close your eyes – can you again hold your hands palm facing up? Anyone else? Who is curious?

Audience Member: I’m kind of swaying, it seems to manifest in the leg, especially the sciatic nerve and another nerve, and there’s a pain in the neck…

Dechan Jueren: If you have any spinal related pain, between the shoulder blades or along the back, it’s the same type of pain the other lady brought up. We’re already doing this for everybody. The lady with the other difficulties, what are you feeling right now?

Audience Member: Cool, and very light in my abdomen, and the sensation of me running down the road.

Dechan Jueren: Keep your eyes closed. What do you feel in your legs or on the bottom of your feet?

Audience Member: Tingling.

Dechan Jueren: When I said to keep your eyes closed, it would be most effective if you had kept your eyes closed. You opened them at least three times. Okay, stand up. Walk towards me. (Walks around room with patient) Do you feel tired?

Audience Member: No.

Dechan Jueren: How do you feel?

Audience Member: I feel lighter!

Dechan Jueren: If you feel lighter, then you have to do something so you don’t depend on the walker. If we want you to get off the walker, then we have to do something so you are able to walk all by yourself. You feel lighter when you walk, right?

Audience Member: Yeah.

Dechan Jueren: (Laughing) This time please keep your eyes closed! Don’t open them until I tell you to open, and when you speak, don’t open them. For the lady at the back with a yeast infection, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: Itchy, feet feel cold, and the rest of me feels hot, and I feel very restless.

Dechan Jueren: Of course you feel restless, but you have to endure the restlessness. Be courageous, just hold out a little bit longer. This sensation you are feeling – how am I doing this for you? It’s actually like a surgery. The lady next to the windows with the pain between the shoulder blades, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: It’s a very, very, very dull ache, and it’s popping. 

Dechan Jueren: Keep your eyes closed. Please keep your eyes closed. What do you feel?

Audience Member: What do I feel?

Kuo: No, someone else. What do you feel?

Audience Member:  (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: The lady with the pains all over – shift forward a little bit. What do you feel? 

Audience Member: (Can’t hear)

Dechan Jueren: The person with Chrone’s Disease – what do you feel now?

Audience Member: I feel swelling.

Kuo: Where?

Audience Member: In my stomach.

Dechan Jueren: What do you feel in other places?

Audience Member: I feel movement in my legs and tightness in my hands.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, and now for questions. Any kind of questions that you want to ask – all these things that you are curious about, or something you don’t understand. But if you do want healing, then just keep your eyes closed. For healing, just keep your eyes closed and your palm facing up, and I will take this time to answer any questions.

Audience Member: With the woman who had surgery scheduled, and it was maybe not as likely that you were going to help her – is that because she had already decided what was going to happen? Why is it?

Dechan Jueren: It is very simple. Even if I were to take care of the problem, it’s an individual case. The surgery is already scheduled; she’s going to surgery anyway. Let me use a real example here. This person’s name is …… He is a vice-chairman of a political committee in Beijing, and in the hospital – this is an airforce hospital – in July of 1995, he had cancer in the kidneys, and also a tumor. So he came with me, because he wanted to heal all these problems. So I healed him, completely. But I did this at the air force hospital, so the general immediately appeared and said, “You are a soldier. Leave this kind of non-sense. This is a hospital, air-force hospital. Go in for surgery.” So he had to go through his surgery, and the doctors were surprised. There was no problem with the kidney at all. They only realized that after they had cut off his kidney part of the body. So Mr. ……… is a Brigadier General. His health is entirely wrecked. He shouldn’t have had to lose his kidneys. So the surgery is already scheduled. The most I can do is lessen the pain.

Audience Member: What will happen in the next six months?

Dechan Jueren: I cannot really tell you, divulge the whole thing. But I can tell you this – in two months you will know what will happen. In two months – remember this day.

Audience Member: Did Master Yu forecast the war in December or January?

Kuo: Yeah. So he’s saying in two months, just watch out, you will know what will happen in Iraq.

Dechan Jueren: But I can tell you this much: the war will never end this time. This is an extension of the Afghani … it will never end. That’s all I can tell you.  

Audience Member: I have tumors in my lymph system.

Dechan Jueren: You can remove the eyeglasses and also keep the eyes closed. What do you feel right now, in your body?

Audience Member: Heat in my hands.

Dechan Jueren: Open your eyes! Okay, any other questions? Curious stuff you want to ask?

Audience Member: I’ve had an illness since 1996… Is there any special diet or herbs I should take?

Kuo: His standard response is always, that there is no special requirement for diet or herbs – do whatever you want. Your body tells you what you need, just don’t worry so much about it. That’s his view on this.

Audience Member: In the healing talk, is there some relationship between heat and cold? Like I noticed the different expressions of feeling warm, and the feet feeling cold… is there some relationship between them?

Dechan Jueren: It’s very simple. Every individual is different. Each person has a different personality, different blood type, different character. They have different levels of sensitivity, so they feel different things. Some people feel warmth, some people feel coolness. Doesn’t matter – just means they are different individuals.

Audience Member: Can Master Yu tell us more about the movement practice he is teaching tomorrow?

Dechan Jueren: This movement is called Prajna Akasagarbha. Prajna is a Sanskrit word that means wisdom. So this movement exercise, called the Prajna Akasagarbha, is the dharma practice for the methods that this Bodhisattva, or the aspiring, called the Akasagarbha, attained enlightenment with.

In the Buddhist cosmic mandala, the layout of the whole universe – once you attain to enlightenment, then you have attained a measure of a certain thing, certain source. Akasagarbha is considered to be residing in the northern regions, and measured from that region. In the Buddhist mythology and understanding, we consider Akasagarbha Bodhisattva to be the wealthiest things in the whole universe. Why is he considered the wealthiest? Because he has the wisdom! So the word prajna means wisdom; akasagarbha - akasa means space, garbha means hidden, like in the mother’s womb. Wisdom is like a baby, hidden in the mother’s womb, hidden in space. This space inhabits all and everything – the wisdom is that baby inside the womb – therefore all and everything is this wisdom. So if you wish to attain wisdom, have the Buddha’s wisdom revealed, then through this movement practice – this is called mudras, not just referring to the hands but the whole body – this is called mudras – through this kind of practice you are able to join in one, join together with the whole universe as one, and have wisdom revealed. The wisdom is that baby hidden in vast space. Here’s the technical term – in Buddhist terminology they’re called alaya seeds, hidden seeds, (unclear) kind of like sub-consciousness, but it’s not really. These special alaya seeds and your body will now join together and become one. In the beginning when you learn this and do the practice, in the beginning stage of practice you may feel the sensation is getting stronger. Especially right after you have learned the whole thing and you can do it all by yourself - if you do it slowly, you will feel this sensation very, very strong. If you continue to practice every day, after a period of time, you realize the sensation is decreasing, to the point you no longer feel it. Some people begin to wonder – what’s happening? Am I doing the practice incorrectly? The more I do the practice, the less I feel anything. I want to maintain that sensation, that kind of feeling. In reality, most people don’t realize this is the most (unclear) of the practice. You have to go through that way, and come to that point, the less sensation you feel – it means you have joined into one with everything, therefore you don’t feel that kind of sensation anymore. Why is it you feel this sensation in the beginning, though?  The alaya seeds are everywhere, you are in space in the universe, continue moving. The alaya seeds in your body, in everyone’s body, are not moving. The way you do this body movement, forming a mudra in that sequence, will create this kind of friction between the alaya seeds, in space and in your body – one is moving, one is dormant – they rub together and you feel this sensation. After a period of practicing, they now move the same, so you no longer feel that sensation any more. I said they will be at the same rhythm – I literally mean that. However the alaya seeds in space are moving, your dormant alaya seeds are now moving together as one. When you have attained to this stage, achieved this stage, your body becomes stronger. Stronger, very strong. Very healthy. Then wisdom will reveal itself. You will not have wisdom if you are sick all the time.

Audience Member: What are some ways that we can sustain this energy that Master Yu gave us?

Kuo: Sign up for the weekend workshop so you can learn how to do it for yourself! (Laughter)

Dechan Jueren: I said to keep your eyes closed but you opened your eyes! What do you feel?

Audience Member: (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Scared of what? Don’t worry, if you keep your eyes closed no body’s going to do anything. What do you feel for pain right now?

Audience Member: It’s only in one place right now.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, so we pretty much shrank the size of the pain to that one region. One piece of advice for you – in the future, avoid drinking the cold stuff – no ice whatsoever – and don’t eat cold foot. Get off the refrigerated stuff.  It’s not a good idea. Okay, for lady with the movement difficulty, what do you feel right now?

Audience Member: Very relaxed, and I’m able to move the toes on my right foot, which I couldn’t before.

Dechan Jueren: Okay, for the lady with the yeast infection, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: Very hot, and almost a kind of numbness, or coolness, around the infected area.

Dechan Jueren: Do you feel there seems to be some kind of a flowing movement downward?

Audience Member: I think maybe some energy flowing downward.

Dechan Jueren: For the lady with the pain between the shoulder blades, what do you feel now?

Audience Member: It’s been opening this whole time. A lot of opening.

Dechan Jueren: For the young lady with the Chrone’s Disease, you need to keep your eyes closed, and what do you feel now?

Audience Member: I feel relaxed.

Kuo: Okay, does anybody else have any questions? About the future or anything else?

Audience Member: Does pain have a purpose?

Kuo: Does pain have a purpose? Yes, so you know you’re alive. (Laughter) Seriously, because that’s kind of a warning sign. It tells the body – watch out, be careful. If you don’t feel anything, literally, you could die from it. I’m talking literally. Because a lot of people who lose sensation on their skin, they cut themselves, and they don’t know it – they bleed to death. So pain has a purpose; it’s a warning sign to watch out, take care of yourself.

Audience Member: If it’s a chronic pain?

Kuo:  Chronic pain is usually from the mind – it’s stress.

Audience Member: Can Master Yu … he mentioned the five things not to do when you are receiving healing…

Dechan Jueren: Those points I mentioned last time – those are actually requirements. I require the people who come to healing for me to follow these requirements. I can make those kind of requirements for people in China, but not here! (Laughter) People will tell you, if you make too many requirements of people here, they are sue-happy – they will say you are infringing on their whatever! So those are basically the requirements I have everybody follow strictly in China, if they want to receive healing from me. Those are requirements for terminal cancer patients. If they are terminal in the case, they may only have one day to live, that’s the idea, and they come to me for healing – they must follow those requirements if they want to receive healing from me. So when I lived in Beijing, China, for all those years, many terminal cancer patients came for healing. If they wanted to stay there and get a healing from me, they must follow all the requirements. If they break the rules, they’re out of there.

1.    Only for in China, not for this country! No Chemo radiation whatsoever. If Chemo is so successful, how many patients do not have cancer? How many successes are there really with Chemo? Chemo can only control temporarily – after that, sometimes the problem surfaces again, and make it worse.

2.    No medication pills whatsoever.

3.    No smoking on any thing, and no drinking of alcohol.

4.    No acupuncture. No massage. No bodywork of any kind. Let me put it this way – if this is a very expert acupuncturist, this acupuncturist may be able to help – in some case by case – but the average acupuncturist will only spread the cancer further in other areas, by trying to needle the person.

5.    That’s the last one that I mentioned. Don’t drink any cold stuff, don’t eat any cold food.

6.    And there’s actually a number six! Be extra careful you don’t catch a cold. The common cold complicates everything.

7.    Avoid any stress. Avoid anything that will agitate you.

Dechan Jueren: If they follow my requirement, and don’t break any of these rules, I guarantee in so many days – they will be completely healed. And the guarantee is not words coming from the mouth – it is by modern medical examination. When I first came to the U.S., I didn’t know what was going on with this country yet, so I almost made the same requirements for everybody. There were some people that were friendly towards me, and they warned me: You can not make those requirements; you may bring a lot of problems, and then they may sue you – because would be, in a sense, practicing medicine without a license, and that kind of stuff. (Laughter) Some Americans I know, (unclear), if you begin to make those requirements and they have to follow strictly, even if they agree before hand, they still will bring a lawsuit against you later. Therefore I never make any requirements in this country, if anybody comes for healing. But however, I can tell you for those cancer patients I came to meet in the U.S., if they followed all the rules that I laid down, then they are still alive today. Of course, there are also those young men and young women that have terminal cancer. They don’t follow the rules so well. They all pass away. It is sad, but there is nothing I can do if they don’t follow the rules. But this is in China. Anybody, any patient that comes to me, I will not let that person die; if they stick to the program – follow the rules – they will not die. It’s not that I don’t care about American people. In fact, I see everybody on this earth as my own people. Whatever people is suffering pain, I feel this for them. But when I see them smile, then I am satisfied. I am happy. After all, I am a religious person, and I am the kind of person that has no desire to find an argument in anything. I can only say that I am the kind of person who is willing to help those who really need the help. Even to the point I am willing to suffer in their place, bring their pain on me, so they can be free of their sufferings.

Audience Member: Can MasterYu talk about sugar and sweets…

Dechan Jueren: How much you eat is a habit. It’s a lifestyle, a habit. Some people use more sugar, some people use less sugar. Whatever you have an excess amount of, it can turn any good thing into something bad. Let’s say this person is very healthy. His body is functioning at his optimal state, and the body takes care of itself very well, and he is very strong. Whatever he eats doesn’t matter – how much he eats, or whatever he eats – the body will get rid of the excess, and absorb everything so it’s only a little amount of nutrients. So he will take care of himself and he doesn’t have to worry too much about it. Why do I say it’s a habit? Because whatever you eat or how much you eat is a habit. This kind of habit you developed, and stuck to it, because you couldn’t change it any more, and since an early age. By now, you are just used to eating that way. For example, I am a Northern Chinese, and for most Northern Chinese, they don’t eat much sweet stuff. Therefore, since a very young age, I eat very little sweet stuff – very little sugar. So now this become my habit. If I take anything that is a little bit sweet, or too sweet, I do not take it. I like to eat salty food. In America, there’s a lot of sweet stuff, and none of this sweet stuff do I like! I have tried it, but I still prefer the salty food.

Audience Member: How do we protect against environmental pollutants and carcinogens?

Dechan Jueren: How about this – let me teach you a simple technique to purify the air. So this is for the next few days, I will teach not only how to purify the air, but also how to purify the food, so you can get rid of anything bad. So today I will teach you how to purify the air first, then I will teach you how to purify the food.

Kuo: Then we need to get ready for tomorrow’s purifying the food, because he needs some two items – so he can compare different kinds, sweet, salty, or plain taste.





SARS, Empowered Pendants, Abhiseka, and the Medicine Buddha Dharma Meditation
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren
Mantic Arts Wellness Center - East Longmeadow, MA
Clear Light Temple, April 17th, 2003
Translated by: Jaliniprabhakumara
Transcribed by: Jordana H.



And if one catches this virus, the symptoms seem like it is just the common cold. Then they begin to have cough. And now, the symptoms seem to be pneumonia. But once the symptoms seem to be pneumonia, the patient may have only 3-9 days, and then they will die. As a matter of fact, I can tell you also there are some doctors infected with SARS, a few actually died, trying to treat these patients. Ever since the 9-11 events, those highly accomplished enlightened Living Buddhas and Buddhist practitioners in China have realized what will soon come into this world in the next few years, so they … the first news after 9-11, they came together and did a prayer ceremony. They pray and chant the mantra and empower many pendants and different clothing, shoes, and hats. But since 9-11, the foreign relations between China and U.S. arent so good, and most of this stuff you cannot ship to the U.S. in large quantities. For example, this pendant we have here - we have brought them over in a suitcase. We would not be able to bring a large quantity of them, or ship them in large quantities right now. These are the pendants that's been empowered by these living Buddhas. There are actually 11 Living Buddhas and 108 high lamas from Beijing, from the Yellow Temple and the Palace of Harmonies. All of them came together and empowered these pendants. They can bring to the wearer perfections, because this is a focal point for the Universal energy. It will form a field of protection, or increase your aura strength, to form that field of protection to prevent you catching all these viruses. And also protect you from other problems, in addition to that, it will also change your luck. Most people today certainly have doubts and suspicions of what I just said. Can this little pendant really do all what he said? Can it have this kind of power? Let's give a try here. Just relax, and turn your hands over, with your palms facing up. What do you feel? What sensations do you feel in your hand when I swing the pendant like that?

Audience: Pulsing…

What about if I move this way? What's the sensation like?

Audience: Cold …

Now what about this way? Can you feel the difference?

Audience: Oh yeah!

What do you feel this time?

Audience: Circling…

Let's say I just hold it, and put out your hands, face towards the pendants. What do you feel this way?

Audience: Energy…

For those who are sensitive enough, or perceptive enough, you may feel this or you can actually see some thing. If you wear this pendant, it will protect you from viruses and disasters. But these things, we only have a limited quantity in the U.S. We are not able to bring them into the U.S. in large quantities. Because of recent events in the world, that is why I decided to break from tradition and teach the Medicine Buddha dharma to the public. Traditionally, that is only for the initiated students. Throughout history, only the initiated students can receive this kind of empowered teaching of Medicine Buddha. Medicine Buddha Dharma teachings - once you practice them, not only you can prevent yourself from catching all sorts of viruses, but you can actually apply this technique and heal others who have it. But in order to learn this Medicine Buddha Dharma teachings, you have to learn this mantra. In order to receive this mantra, you must first receive an Abisheka. An Abisheka is a form of Buddhist baptism, or a transference of power.

So, is there any questions, or anything you don't understand? Or any doubts, or anything you don't believe?

Q: What does the baptism involve?

Kuo: It's called Abisheka. Literally translated, it means baptism. It involves - it's like a besprinklement. It literally means to put the dew of wisdom on you. And that turns the person's soul around. It's not imagination. A lot of people receive Abisheka, and in the beginning they all have this kind of doubts and questions. Afterwards many of them are surprised by the power, and how they feel after the Abisheka. All I can tell you is - this kind of baptism is for real. I have no comment for today - so many things in today's world are not for real. So, this involves reality! I can tell you, if there are no questions - the water is not tap water. Nor is it bottled water or rain water. It comes from this little tiny kettle. We never fill the water in there. Many of the people, many of the students begin to realize this. Because he never, you know, gets a chance to do anything except teachings. And no body ever sees anybody putting water in the kettle. Last time we were in Maui, Hawaii, we had over 68 - I think 68 people - got Abisheka. All from this little kettle. After it's over, when you shake it, there is still water in there. He said, "I will do this again, and there will still be water in there." A little girl looked inside and said, "This is magic." This is not ordinary water. This Abisheka or baptism is for real. You can think of this as Divine Dew. Even if you heard this now, you still will not believe it. I am so curious, I ask Master - What's the theory? What makes it work this way? He said, When you attain enlightenment you will see and you will understand. Any questions? Anybody?

Dechan Jueren: If there are no questions, just relax, keep your hands facing up, and I will give you this healing. Keep your hands palm facing up and just relax… As long as you relax and keep your palms facing up, you will begin to have sensations, whether on your hands, on the bottoms of your feet, or through your body.

What do you feel now?

Audience: Cool breeze…

What else do you feel, besides cool breeze?

Audience: Heat in my hands…

Dechan Jueren: I have made this announcement two days ago, or three days ago. As long as you sit like this, every evening from 9:30 - 10:30, wherever you are, if you do this you will receive this healing from me while I am in the area. There are three more days you can do this. This period of time that I am still in time, I will provide this healing. This kind of healing is to help you improve your health, and also to improve your luck. You can even tell this to your friends, your family, your relatives. They can also do this every evening from 9:30-10:30, just the way you are doing right now, and they will receive this blessing from me. They don't even have to know me. Just do it during this time, and it will be effective.







Cause of SARS virus and Discussion of Medicine Buddha Dharma Meditation
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, June 7, 2003

Lohan School of Shaolin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Translated by: Kuo
Transcribed by: Chang Zhi De Jian

 I believe every one has heard of this current virus that's gong on, SARS. SARS came suddenly, and they don't know much about it. Now, till today there's no cure, no real treatment, no medicine to heal SARS. I will present my view on this topic. Even though they all say, basically it is under control now, put this to check, but I think it's that talk is for the reason of economy. To be able to place that in control will, I will say is impossible.

Why is it that every country says that it is under control now? Certainly every country understands, this does a real big damage to their economies. They want to soften the blow to their economies.

What are the cause for this virus? We should say the real cause is because human beings continuing destroying the environment, nature. It's very simple, it's simply nature's revenge on the human race, a punishment if you want to put it that way. I say this because it's a fact, not opinion, for a year, since June, July, almost a year now, I have said this, whether in the temple in LA, or on the East coast in Massachusetts. I already told people about these things that will come soon.

I talk about this, not to make people worried, but to get them to become aware, so they can be prepared. Of course, for the martial art practitioners, it's a good way to train your body to become healthy and stronger, therefore, your immune system is also stronger. Only when your body is really strong and healthy, we call this, good energy, good qi, then no virus will be able to affect your body.

So, because due to this spread of the virus, I began to teach the Medicine Buddha Dharma, exactly for this disease. Medicine Buddha Dharma, traditionally, is an esoteric discipline only meant for initiated students, it was never taught to the public. However, in light of the seriousness of the virus, therefore, I made my decision, even if you are not my disciples, anybody who like to learn, I will teach the Medicine Buddha. That decision, if you understand the seriousness of what I'm saying, I am in a sense going against the traditions, and that means I am going against the disciplines.

It's possible, I can receive punishments because of my decision. That's the reason I look different than the last time you have seen me, I shaved off my hair and beard. So in the traditions of Buddhist disciplines, if an initiated students wants to began the practice of Medicine Buddha he must receive an abhiseka, literally means baptism, from his teacher.

By practicing the Medicine Buddha Dharma, not only you will be able to prevent from catching many viruses, but you may also be able to heal others. Of course I have already taught the Medicine Buddha in many parts of the US. Some of them have already practiced for some times, and they have all different kind of experience and benefit from this practice. So this time I come to Las Vegas, also mainly for this, teach the Medicine Buddha. Okay, any questions?

Q: I have problems with memory, is there any method I can do to sharpen my memory?

A: By learning and practicing the Medicine Buddha Dharma, that is a way to improve the memory, because that purify the thought and strengthen your immune system. When your mind is no longer occupied with many thoughts, then everything stuff become clearer and your memory will also improve.

Kuo: I know many of you work in hospitals. I think you will be the first ones to see this, you really probably want to ask, what else?

Q: I learn Qi Gong here, will Qi Gong be helpful in preventing diseases?

A: Of course.

Q: Wasn't it difficult to practice Buddhism in China, wasn't it restricted? I mean, how did that happen? Is that where you practiced it, in Mainland China?

A: What do you refer to about difficult?

Q: I didn't think that religion was openly ….. well, politically I thought it was suppressed.

A: It depends on perspective, China does not, in a sense, limit religions as the westerners view it. However, I have to make it clear, there are certainly many things happen in the world , in China, there are many groups that are simply not religion, that does not fall under the religious …?… and the government does control it. In China, there are a lot of followers of different religions, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist.

Q: …?… I thought that it was suppressed?

A: I return to the US March this year, I've been back and forth, US and China so many times. I have four temples in China.

Q: There are many viruses?

A: One is related to venereal disease, you see this kind of spot, or rash on your skins, and there is rat plague, rat plague is already happening in Taiwan, so it's not new, it started, but expect it to get more serious next year than this year, everything get more serious next year. Besides that, cholera certainly has surfaced, and cholera will get worse, it's not getting any better. Everyone know cholera? Supposedly, it's already disappeared for decades and decades, but there have resurfaced, and there are more cases of cholera, certainly happened.

Q: Two questions. One is, why did it start in China? The second was a rumor that was heard that it started in China because of karma over communist, what they did to different religions.

Kuo: I have heard so many rumors, that is a new one. ……….. he (Master Yu) knows the real cause, he did say what it is.

A: You have to understand what I mean, understand what is going in. Shen Zhen, is a new city, only happen to be a city in last two decades, when China open up it's market, it's a free enterprise economic zone, so in Shen Zhen everything imaginable, people eat it. They eat snake, they eat turtle, they eat everything that moves. Everything imaginable, they eat it.

Now if you understand, see the whole picture of it, you have to look at history, Shen Zhen historically in the old days Shen Zhen is only a tiny fishing village. When the …?… open up China market, or they make the economic market system, in …?… that zone is just across the border of Hong Kong, therefore Shen Zhen suddenly became a big sprawling city. So what happened to all the village folk from Shen Zhen, when Shen Zhen became a city overnight? Everybody became filthy rich, everybody became a millionaire, millionaire tycoon overnight.

These village folk, if just some senior guys or lady, they all made at least made, tens of millions of dollars, in just a few years. But if they are some men or women that have some sense about catching the ride well, they have made their wealth in the billions. However, as I say, you have to see this in historical things. The quality of people, I say it's a tiny fishing village, their educational and cultural level is not that great, the quality is low. For the most people have a lot of money, they would take that and invest in something, better education, or do something worthwhile, develop enterprise and help people, stabilize society in that sense. But do you understand, if you take some village folks, or undereducated people and make them wealthy overnight, what are they gonna do with all this money, they don't know anything about managing, first they party, party everywhere and party every style. They eat everything, and they will use their money to do anything.

What I mean, the end result is very simple, today in Shen Zhen, there are nine women vs. one man, that's the population make up. And since they eat everything, they can live their life to the fullest, so they eat snake, they eat turtle, they eat anteater, they eat some kind of rare birds, and they eat everything. What happens is certainly they prepare the animals, cook and prepare the food, so they dump all the internal organs down the sewer, so all this different type of animal organ end up in the sewers. If the sewer system is designed well, everything will be ok, flushed down to the ocean and it will be ok, no problem. But the problem is, certainly, some of this, they are trapped, they were caught, all the trash and intestine, and the organ and whatever stuff of the different animals, in a place, it's not gonna be flushed down to the ocean.

As I said, nine women vs. one man, certainly there are a lot of abortions from young girls, what do they do with it when they do the abortions themselves? Flush down the toilet. Human blood is hot, blood of snake and turtle is cold. All this stuff mixed together, warm and cold blood, organs of different animals, and, human fetus, its called fermentation, chemical process, something new begins to breed. This is the real main cause for SARS.

Of course, if you really want to see in term of karma, this is the punishment for the whole human race. In the temples a couple months ago, I already say this to the students in the temple, there are six causes contributing to this one virus, in a sense, there are six different viruses making up this one virus. I say if you understand what that means, there is no medicine or cure that they can come up with that will be able to cure this SARS virus because it's made up of six different things, they cannot cure six at the same time with one pill.

If you understand about pharmaceutical and western medication development, it's very effective, but at the same time it also kills a lot of healthy cells in the body. So lets simplify a little bit so make it easier to understand, if SARS virus is made up of six different viruses, six components make up this virus, then in a sense, you have to pop six different pills to simultaneously attack all six components, at the same time you will damage six of your organs.

It's a very very infectious and when I say this, that's even before they talk about it in the news, I say that SARS is airborne, so if it's airborne, that's why in an airplane, one person have SARS, everybody have highly likeliness of getting SARS. Many people have died form SARS, actually are the nurses and doctors. My experience in China, will also realize, many people die of SARS or have SARS, because their relative die of SARS and then they pay their last respect at the funeral service, that's how they have SARS too. So it's airborne, a very serious virus.

And you want to look in terms, in perspective of karma, there are those six contributing cause and components making up of SARS, are the six cause leading, you know, its revenge on the human race, six causes leading to the six paths of rebirth, that six paths of real rebirths. So in other words, if you understand what I have said, there are no medicines will be readily available in time to attack these things. It's only these ancient disciplines, through certain disciplines, to change your mind set, so mentally you become stable and at that state, your body will become stronger, you will be able to fend this off.

In addition to that, as I say, this is about karma, and if you understand what that means, then you have to overcome many of your bad habits, your old habits to really learn how to help others. By helping others, you have virtue and merits, that offsets the karma. So by changing yourself, you are changing the karma, changing the soul. When your soul has changed, you have more virtue and more merits, then no plagues will take you away, you deserve to be in the world to help others. I can't stress anymore, Medicine Buddha practice is a way to do this, increase your own merits.

Q: I think on a world class level, SARS is really not determined as a major threat like AIDS, that's a problem, SARS is just a small virus that should be cleared out soon. But they have other viruses that are more serious. SARS is really not that bad.

A: Whether you believe me or not, as I say, the world will want to protect their economies, they will only let the good news out, and say this is under control. AIDS is not as serious as SARS, you can have AIDS for decades and still be around, if you really have SARS, the record is, that person die in three days.

Q: Can he talk a little bit about what he has to teach, the Medicine Buddha Dharma?

A: Tomorrow teachings, the whole package, the main part of that is the Medicine Buddha meditation practice. In addition to that plus there is also the healing technique for the Medicine Buddha, plus there is the three purifying technique, purifying air, water, and food, because these are the three necessities of life, if you have clean air, clean water, clean food, then you will have healthy body, that's how your body will be able to fend off the virus. So in a sense you have a purifying technique, you have to mantrize, put the mantra or bless over, you will have clean water and food.

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