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Ucchusma Tape 1

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren

6 Dec 2003

Uccussma Sutra, Tape #1

 Los Angeles Dari Rulai Temple

Translator: Jaliniprabhakumara

Trascribor: Chanzi Decheng



Today, review for the Uccussma.

Actually, the Chinese version of the Uccussma has three sutras together, today we will cover the first one.  Tomorrow, we will continue for the rest. 

Before I begin, I would like to let you know where all my teachings come from.  This book I am holding in my hand, there is only one copy in the world.  I have told you the story.  This was handed to me from my Master.  This is a copy from the original that I made.  This had to be done page by page, photographed.  In other words, each page, I had to make a printing plate for them.  I employed a small printer working full-time for half a year. 

Why does it require….a few times to select the best copies from this.  Finally, we selected nine copies that we felt was the best….of the nine copies we had to review them all to select the six…and finally, out of these six copies we had to review them again and decide…the other copies including the plates were destroyed later.  …this way preserves it’s worth…a small printing company worked on it for four and a half months. 

The copy that my Master passed on to me is over 1400 years old.  If we continue to … it will destroy the paper.  All I have taught you comes from this book.  With this …I can say, of all the Buddhist schools in/from the Chinese lineage, …their teachings, basically incorrect, false.  That’s why for the past 1000 years or so, plenty of people reciting the sutras, burning incense and bowing to Buddha, but very few… attain enlightenment.

Why, some people will read a sutra and cannot follow…because it was written in archaic language.  What does sutra mean? Sutra means to sew, to thread together the experiences of the practitioners, expounding the true teachings, their experiences sewn together, in a book.  It’s not like modern day, cheating people, talking about in the sutra all …but they don’t even understand. 

This book is titled: Esoteric Vehicle Dharma Seed.  Why is it called esoteric?  To put it simply, secret.  It wasn’t known to you. 

What is a sutra or a tantra book?  A book is a text case study, records how you…for example, if you’re going to learn how to drive, you have to learn the basics.  Where the gas pedal is.  How the engine functions.  Make sure you have enough water in the radiator, etc, in order for you to start the vehicle and start to drive.  In other words, the real text of the tantra teaching, unless you are illiterate, if you do read, then it should not be difficult for you to read and follow the instructions.  It tells you the mantras, the conditions required, the ways of the practice, the way it’s supposed to be done.  Mudras.  Steps of visualizations, and the contributing factors or items you must gather. 

In regard to mudras, there are a few essential points.  Once you have grasped these few essential points then basically you know the whole system of mudras except the most secret mudras.  What are the most secret mudras?  The mudras that your Master will transmit to you alone.  Your heart Mudra, for some of you have already learned.

Again the title of this book is called Esoteric Vehicle Dharma Seed.  For those that do read Chinese, the second character is vehicle.  It’s an old style of script from the Tang dynasty.  Since the Ming dynasty, they used a different kind of script.  They appear similar, but its not the same writing.  Therefore you can say this is from the Tang dynasty.  There are a few categories in this collection of text books.  The first category is called the fundamental root.  Of these fundamental root teachings, you are still learning the 31 mantras.  The second category is called the dharma protector.  Of the dharma protector’s teachings, some I have taught to you incorporated in the dharani mala techniques.  The rest, I haven’t taught to you yet. 

Why not?  Because you are still a mundane person.  You don’t really have a good heart yet.  When you have practiced to the point you are no longer a person, then I may teach you.  If you are no longer a person, that means you are a Buddha.  When you become a Buddha, you have no more hatred, or blaming others, from your heart.  Then you may begin to learn.

If these protector dharmas were to be learned by the terrorists, the world would cease to be in an instant.  For example, you can be sitting here in a chair, not going anywhere, make fire anywhere you want.  For example, take a healthy person, in seven minutes, you can make him paralyzed for life.  For example, within about 48 seconds, you can make everyone die in a certain region.  It would be quicker than the missiles and the nuclear bombs. 

This is why it’s called secret teachings, and the reason it should not be taught to the public lightly.  Since I came to the U.S., there are quite a few disciples that understand about these teachings that want to seek the teaching from me, but I only smile, and I never taught anyone these kinds of things.

When my Master performed the last abhiseka for me, I made a vow, that the protector dharmas, unless at a very critical moment, I will not transmit until the very last moment. And I also made a vow, that I will not use them lightly to punish people.

For all you have heard about these kinds of legends and myths, these kind of magical powers, old stories, all these kind of things are in these books.

The third category is called: Mother Buddha, or you can simply call it Devi.  Every dharma teaching that will lead you to enlightenment to attain Buddha hood is in this category.

The fourth category is called: The Bodhisattvas Teaching.  Every teaching to make you a Bodhisattva is in this book. 

The fifth category is the Vajra, or the Indestructible Diamond Thunderbolt teaching, to attain to the state of a Vajra being. 

The sixth category is called:  Extracurricular Practices.  In reality, this extracurricular you can think of extra beyond everything else.  All the teachings of the whole universe are in this last category. 

In other words, everything you have ever learned, I have taught to you from this set of books.  So what you have learned today, that I possess these books, even my own family and relatives do not know about these.  Today, only you have learned I possess these books, in the whole world, and have seen the copies.  The other people, they have heard about it but have yet to see them with their own eyes. 

Certainly I would like to require that if you are my disciples, you should learn everything is this set of books clearly, very well, then you can say you have greatly accomplished in this path.  This was when I was spending about six months of time with my Master in a cave in the mountains.  That six months of time this is what I studied and practiced, this whole set of books.  In six months time, I learned 6874 mantras.  I learned 108 dharma practices.  Every dharma teaching has a Mudra.  This is what I learned in that six months of time.  Can you understand, some of you have learned for 3 years now, and are still struggling with the 31 mantras. 

Before I entered that cave, I was, in fact, a person.  After I exited that cave, I was no longer a person.  For example.  When I actually carried my Master on my back going up the mountains, I weighed 231 pounds.  By the time I left the cave six months later, I weighed about 165 pounds.  Before I went to the mountain with my Master, I was pretty dark, very dark skin. I looked like general zhang from the three kingdom period.  The rough appearances.  Some of you have seen my old ID cards from the old days and were surprised.  I appeared to be very rough edged, like a bandit.

Why do I let you know about this set of books?  I have two purposes here.  First, to let you understand what I teach are real teachings.  They are not something based on fabrications.  Secondly, is to let you know, this exists.  How much do you want to know?  If you want to learn the whole thing, I will teach you the whole thing.  How much do you really want to learn?

Once you have learned everything from this book, you realize, whatever you have learned in the past about spiritual practices, it’s kids in kindergarten fooling around, it’s all nonsense, junk.

Even plenty of well respected monks in the temples today around the world, don’t know anything about Buddha Dharma.  Cannot do anything.  They are run, all these spiritual centers are run by laymen who have no idea what they are doing. 

So when I return to China, I will take this set of books back with me in China. If you want to learn anything from these books, look me up in China.  Perhaps you will have a hard time to locate me. 

We went to visit a Shingon temple yesterday.  According to some people, it is hard to meet the abbot of that temple.  In China, unless I allow you to meet me, you will never be able to find me, or to make the request to meet me.  In Beijing, those that have stayed in my residence in Beijing realized, I don’t come back and stay in my own residence that often.  Most of the time I was in Beijing, I was not home at all.  Because I have a lot of places in Beijing to stay.  Therefore there are plenty of people around me, will not even bother with you guys trying to meet the Master.  I can only inform you of this one thing.  Time will no longer be there.  It is running out fast.  If you don’t start to do your practices seriously now, you will not be able to protect yourself, let alone protect others.

I remember I have told you this.  Nuclear bomb explosion, what really matters is the light.  I  use the example.  In a very dark night, suddenly turn on the flashlight and shine toward your eyes, then you will be blinded.  To you, relatively speaking you feel the light from the flashlight is very bright.  But no matter how bright the flashlight is, under the sunlight it is nothing.  No matter how strong you can get the light to be, you will never surpass the brightness of the sunlight.  Under the bright sunlight, you can look at the flashlight.  It will not blind you.

When the nuclear bombs go off, it will radiate this very white light.  If you practice dharma to the point you are emitting light, brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger, to even surpass the light of the nuclear explosion.  Some may wonder, is this possible?  Will I be able to practice to that stage?  Let me tell you.  It is possible.  Why is it that you are unable to right now, though?  Because you are unable to let go your attachments, unable to change your old habits.  Your head constantly has all these nonsense wandering thoughts, pondering all this useless junk.  You are undermining your own practice.  How are you going to raise your awareness higher?

After you practice, why don’t you take some time to ponder over, why have you not realized these underlying same principles.  So many teachings from your Master, all have the same thing.  Emitting light from your body.  Why is that light transparent clear light, or very very bright light?  In regard to awareness, it’s by realizing things, it’s being able to make associations, observing the relationship of all and everything.  It’s not your kind of pondering on nonsense, junk, and wandering thoughts. 

I really do not know how many of you here have actually ever thought about these kind of things.  If you don’t think about these kind of essential, underlying principles of everything, whatever you think, you are attached to the form.  It’s like I am holding you by a thread, whichever way I pull, you go.  You are following blindly. 

When you have realized some of these principles, then I no longer pull on the thread.  You walk with me.

Think about this.  Light is not obstructed by space, or any obstacles in space.  Let me tell you my own observations, what happened when a hydrogen bomb exploded, what was the result.  I cannot tell which country or the location where they had the explosion, but I can tell you what it was like afterward.  Before they did this test, they found a very secluded, in the desert, they built a very tough city to see how it would stand up to it.  In that town it was built so well, like a fortress, then they gathered about 300 inmates on death row and put them in that town in the middle of nowhere in the desert.  Just let them free in that town to live there.  Now of course, these 300 or so death row inmates had no idea that was in fact their execution. 

Certainly, the test had to be as realistic as possible, so they had all kinds of animals living in that town with the people there.  At the same times they also set a few big poster boards painted with different paint and colors, seeing how they react to the hydrogen bomb explosion, testing the materials.  On this big poster board they had about 10 different colors of fabric.

After the hydrogen bomb exploded, they observed through binoculars, they saw that every building was still standing.  Also there were various colors of fabrics hanging on the poster board.  They were all gone except for two colors.  One was this very white white color of fabric, the other was simply clear glass.  Two months after the test they put on anti-radiation suits and went out to the field.  When they were out on the test field, everywhere they stepped, the road was all dust, but the door and window still stood as it was before.  It still looked good, but if you touched it, it would crumble and become ash. 

Of these 300 or so persons, everyone was still there, whether standing, sitting down or seemed to be walking, the bodies were still there except they turned white.  If you blew at the body or any animals, they would scatter away, they were all ash.  This kind of explosion is a light explosion.  Light will go through everything, there is no obstacle.  What it will change it will change on the cellular or atomic level of matter.  This is the power of light.  In other words, if you are able to practice to the stage where you can emit light at a higher state, brighter than the hydrogen bombs light, then that kind of light will have no effect on you. 

Is it possible to attain to this kind of stage? Let me tell you, certainly, it is possible.  The question is, are you possible to do this.  Can you do this?  If you are an impossibility, then any possible teaching will not happen for you.  I can only tell you, as long as you are really able to change yourself, then it’s possible for you.  If you are unable to change yourself, then it will never be possible. 

This copy of the Uccussma sutra, certainly this is a copy scanned into a computer then printed out from the original text.  Earlier I have already said, only one set of these textbooks in the whole world.  In the future whenever you want to learn something, you may come look me up and learn whatever you like.  However, you must learn and practice well the things you have learned so far.  Don’t come to me when you don’t even know ….

Ever since I came to the U.S., so far I have taught and covered 99 different dharma teachings.  However you practice, that’s up to you.  Nobody can practice for you. 

How did the Uccussma sutra, the Uccussma’s teachings come to be?  It took place at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha entering into Nirvana.  Many people then worried about after Shakyamuni’s nirvana, they would have many difficulties to face on their own, how are they to have blessings from Buddha Shakyamuni?  Uccussma simply is a manifestation, or emanation, dharma protector from Shakyamuni himself. 

First let me ask a question, for those who attended the 100 day dharani practice, how many of you still owe tuition?  Raise your hands.  Today, we will hand out the Uccussma sutra for you to review.  After the class, we will collect the copies back.  Whoever has paid their full tuition, they can take their sutra home with them.

Opening the first page, you have already read through that.  In the middle of the page says many mantra rsi overpowered and died when they went to the Brahman king.  Do you understand what this means?  They were overpowered by breaking the forbidden mantras.  Why?  What does it mean by a mantra rsi?  What is a mantra rsi?

Well, let’s put it in modern terms.  Do you understand at all what this concept is really about, entity attachment?  Anything that can be attached to anything else as an entity, you can think of them all as a vibration, a mantra rsi.  And then, since many mantra rsi were overpowered and died, so the next guy they sent was the immeasurable, the measureless vajra…the unmeasured vajra.  What this means, the unmeasured, or measureless vajra in relation to the many mantra rsi, you can think of the measureless vajra as the executive of the corporation. 

In the past, I have made that mistake myself.  I don’t know whether any of you have heard this story and still remember it.  In my earlier days after attaining to awakening, I used my powers quite frequently and killed many mantra rsi.  Especially when I was still very young and had just parted ways with my Master, in the very beginning I felt I was invincible. 

Different kind of rsi, once killed will change, emit different kind of vapors or colors of light, and will scatter away, and no longer be there.  Many people are ill, simply because an entity is attached to their body.  Whenever people with that kind of illness showed up, I would just kill the entity, and that person would become healthy in an instant.  But there’s still karma.

Come the summer of ’92, that’s when I faced my karma, or my punishment, in that sense.  So I visited a certain city.  You can think of that area as the stronghold of all these rsi, and therefore, time for them to grab me.  So as I arrived in that city and stayed in my room, it was very difficult for me to breathe.  I could no longer breathe let alone move my body.  I was unable to walk at all, and I felt this kind of fear.  I had many disciples there, they were all doctors.  So they actually carried equipment from the hospital to my place, set up the equipment, and tested and did a full examination.  Everything was normal, I was healthy.  Once they left, I was still just like before, unable to do anything. 

At last, they brought this old guy, Mr. Fong.  He was the one who saved me.  Mr. Fong, some of you probably already heard about him.  He was blind.  He could hold a newspaper and actually read the newspaper for you.  If you thought he was only tricking you, you could take your own newspaper and he would recite it for you page by page.  Read it right off.  Open up his eyelids, he was blind to the point he has no eyeballs.

’92, Mr. Fong was the guy who saved me.  The moment Mr. Fong saw me, he said, “You better go.  I was waiting for you all this time.  If you stick around here two days more, you will die due to no blood in the heart.  You will simply die.”  Mr. Fong told me, “I know you have quite a dharma attainment, you are very powerful.  But all these rsi, they are here, the major ones, they are all here just for you.  You will not be able to stand by yourself against them.  In the future, don’t kill so much.  Starting from this moment, now, head west.  The faster the better, just keep heading west.”

I was unable to walk.  I couldn’t even stand on my own.  Some of my disciples suggested they would get a car and take me to ChaoYang.  Mr. Fong said, “No.  Get on the train and head westward.  Go to places where there are a lot of people.  On trains there are a lot of people.  Get on a train and head west.” 

They took me and literally carried me to the train station in Tongliao, and put me on the train.  A couple of stops after Tongliao, then I was able to walk on my own again.  The train continued to head westward.  By the time the train reached Fuxin, then I was able to talk to my students, my disciples.  By 3 AM, the train arrived in Chaoyang, then I was 100% healthy and normal again, just like nothing had happened.

I realized, Mr. Fong was much more advanced than I was.  I respected him very much.  At that time Mr. Fong also informed me, “Do not come to meet me until 100 days later.” 

So I waited.  100 days later I saw him sitting in a chair, wearing very dark sunglasses, holding a newspaper and reading it.  So I asked him, “Are you for real?  Can you really read the words in the paper?”

He said, “Well, bring me a paper, any one.”

So I changed the page, and he actually read the newspaper, word by word.

I thought, maybe it was special glasses he had, something with his glasses.  I was so curious, there is no technology of this kind, no science has developed anything like this yet.  This is when I learned he really had very real attainments in his practice.  So I asked him about my experience 100 days before.  He told me that the day before that happened, he was already hinted by a Buddha to go save my ass.  Then he informed me of the next few disasters I would have to face.  He also informed me, “My mission is actually to protect you until you are safe, and you can be on your own.  Until you have in a sense perfected, so you will no longer have any kind of disasters.”

Three days before my enthronement in Agui temple, he passed away.

Last fall, Dan and Kuo have visited Mr. Fong in his home.  But it was a surprise for me because his appearance had changed so much.  He had in fact a very long face.  When we visited him last fall, his face changed.  He had a square face.  Literally, his face last fall was about 1/3 shorter than before.  That’s a big change.

Then I asked him, “Are you still able to see?”  He said, “I can no longer see anything.” 

So Dan and Kuo left.  I stayed with Mr. Fong, and he said, “That’s right, they have to go because I can no longer see anything,  The reason for that is because you are about to perfect your journey.  Therefore I no longer need to see.” 

Why do I tell you this story?  Through this story today, to clarify and let you understand, what this part, they are talking about, its not some kind of imaginary mythology story, about the unmeasured vajra and the mantra rsi. 

What this unmeasured vajra was to do, and all those mantra rsi was to, through certain means, to pacify and harmonize the situation rather than to kill. 

What I did in the past was not so, I actually killed the entities and the rsi.  Many of these rsi have their origins as animals.  In their way of practice, they attain to this certain level of awareness and become rsi.  For one of them to become a rsi, it may take them hundreds of years of practice, it’s a lot of work and practice. 

Time is their effort.  If they spent 500 years time, they made 500 years of effort, that’s a lot of effort and practice.  You have to respect them for that.  If you were to kill one of them, in a sense you have wasted their 500 years of effort, practicing to attain enlightenment, just like what you aspire to.  Therefore, at the same time, you may be enlightened, but you will also harm your own merit.  If you don’t kill, and are able to pacify the rsi, they may actually become your friends and help you in the future. 

Certainly there are good rsi and bad rsi.  Some that are behaving so good, if you are able to guide them on the right path to do good, then that’s when you will have merit, and they will become better rsi.  Because I was young, and I made a big mistake, I killed many of these kind of rsi.  Once I realized my mistake, I actually built a few memorials dedicated to them.

Today, I don’t kill anything.  I don’t kill rsi.  They are not afraid of me….

I talk about this point to make you understand, in the future when you do attain to the dharma and you have this kind of power, you can see many of these things.  No matter whether it’s humans, or non-humans, animals, or rsi, any kind of entities or spirits, you have to help them and protect them, not to harm them and kill them.

The Uccussma’s teachings are to be taught to those not only able to protect themselves with what they learn, but to be able to protect and help others.  In other words, if you intend to be able to help others, to be able to heal others of many problems and illness, as it states in the sutras, you have to chant over 400,000 times. 

When you do the healing, once you have attained to this Uccussma practice, once you have over 400,000 chants under your belt, then you can heal any way you like.  

The first Dharma teaching that is mentioned here, is to make a dead tree grow again.  The first technique in the uccussma, to make a withered tree or dead tree grow again, grow new branches and leaves.  Take one liang, that’s roughly an ounce or so, of ?bai jiao jian? Most likely refers to sweet gum resin.  Smear in the center of a willow branch.  Chant to 3, 100 times.  This is a little mistake in the translation.  Chant to the tree 100 times, at the three hours for the three days.  Three times refers to what hours here?  It says three times a day for three days.  What are the three times? 

For example.  Three times, if I was born in the year of the rabbit then there are three times that will come together as a unit, including me and two other times.  The time of the rabbit, the time of the pig, and the time of the goat.  Those are the three times that will come together.  In other words, for the year, we would refer to the year of the ram, pig, and rabbit.  Those are the three that will come together. 

So if I want to chant and do this, the three times, will be for those three times.  Will start the chanting at about ten after five, the hour of the rabbit.  And also, ten minutes after one o’clock in the afternoon will be the beginning of the hour of the ram.  And in the evening, ten minutes after nine o’clock will be going into the hour of the pig.  When they come together as a unit, that’s the center point of that hour.

So if you were born in the year of the pig or the ram, then you would basically chant the three times, for the three days, the same hours I do.  For every three different Chinese zodiac signs will come together as a unit.  If you want to learn and understand this, you have to know the sign of your year, and which are the ones that come together with you as a unit. 

You chant three days, three times per day, that will be nine times you will do the chants.  Then, lets say that if this is a dead tree, completely dead, its not going to grow anymore, then you do this, and take ?bai jiao jiang? Sweet gum resin, smear at the center of the tree, what do we mean by that?  Where is the center of the tree, branch?  Where is that center? You have to find it and locate it right to be successful on this one.

A tree has both yin and yang properties in it, just like a person has yin and yang properties.  For example, if you take this hand, on this sided of your hand, this is the yang side.  In the palm, this is the yin side.  So if you take the whole arm, on this side, the outside of your arm, it’s the yang side.  The inner side to your body, this is the yin side.  So when you hold your arm up, the skin on the outside and inside of your arm, they are different.

We live in this world for decades and years, but nobody ever observes this closely.  The skins of the trees are also different.  If you realize this point, then you will realize Buddha Dharma teaching is all about sciences. 

Where is the center of that branch or the center of that tree?  Its not in your sense of the center of the form, but the center of where yin and yang comes together, that will be the center.  You may think that if we refer to the tree, yin and yang are probably on the sun side or the dark side, doesn’t mean that.  They will figure, probably on the east is the yin side, west is yang, that’s also incorrect.  You don’t divide the tree, top part, yang, closer to the sun, bottom side, yin, that’s not it either.

Heres a little bit of understanding about feng shui.  Anybody who ever studied feng shui, then pay attention, probably will help you out a lot.  The center of the tree is located according to north and south, not east and west.  The tree grows up, absorbing the essence of the sun, the moon.  Absorbing the essence of heaven and earth.  So the tree has its root, actually, according to the north pole star, and manifested according to the south pole star.  How are you to know, for example, how does a tree breathe?  You have to observe this,  the trees, from eleven o’clock in the night, to one o’clock in the morning.  These are the two hours, at the pinnacles when the yin is at the extreme and the yang is beginning to generate, when one side of this is going to sweep to the next side. 

Through these two hours, passing the midnight hours, then the yang energy is beginning to rise, and the yin energy is gradually dying down.  At this point it will actually get colder as the yang energy is first rising.  And therefore all and every phenomenon or manifestation has to change their form again.  What does that mean?

At this point, which means their angles will all change.  This is the understanding in Buddha Dharma that’s a little bit more advanced than in the Taoist teachings.  In the Taoist practice, many people will understand this point, its important in regard to directions.  Just for example, this is not a real case, for example, I am sitting here, that way is east.  The earth is a globe, is continually rotating.  Because the earth is rotating, what’s the east? Is the absolute east still the same?  Its no longer the same east I am facing.  So you have to understand about the change of the angles, everything rotates, your east is always relatively speaking…the east referred to has an absolute direction and cannot be the same anymore.

For example, in Mt. Shasta, from eleven in the night, to one o’clock in the morning, you go into the forest, very quiet, everybody is asleep.  You will hear, it appears somebody is breathing.  This is the time they breathe.  They don’t breathe at any other time.  The trees breathe at these hours.  This is the moment, these two hours, these transition moments, when the first yang energy is rising, that’s when the trees want to grab their breath.

So whatever trash the tree has accumulated in their systems, this is the hours they begin to breathe, and generate, putting out oxygen, that’s where they change everything.  For example, you have this moss growing on the rocks by the sea side.  Its only on one side that has moss, or algae. If you want to observe the algae on the piece of rock closer, you can see a certain spot bulging up, that’s where the algae is breathing, through that spot.

Let’s say when we first discovered the compass, why does the needle point north or south not east or west.  So even if you want to turn your compass around so it shifts to the east, it will still turn around and shift to north and south.  But we don’t realize the point, actually, its all rooted, not in the earth, but to the north pole star.  Because it was rooted, and controlled in a sense, by the north pole star, that’s where the needle will point to, therefore you have a point relatively speaking on earth of north and south. 

So if you understand this, so many different kinds of vegetation on earth, to them north and south, that’s where they form the yin and yang, not the east and west, as we may think of the sun.  People don’t realize this point.  It’s the same for us.  The yin and yang is really about the north and south, not the east and west. 

In regard to the art of feng shui, it’s the same thing.  For example, you are sitting on the north, facing to the south, then you will be prosperous.  If you understand this basic feng shui idea, the whole United States, very few…households that have their houses built on the north and south, they are all at an angle.  So if you understand this point, lets put it this way, when your house is not built at the north and south, it’s built at an angle facing to the corner, over time generation after generation, no family will prosper in this kind of household.  They will come to the point that each generation is worse than the one before and they will deteriorate.  But I did discover for myself, that some very big families in the U.S., their household, their estate is facing straight on east or west, that’s not just the house, it’s a big estate.  Other than those, most houses I have seen the direction is all screwed up at an angle, facing corners.

When I gave some talks on the Chinese radio in Los Angeles, a series of talks, I made a comment, “There’s no one in L.A. understands feng shui, they are all doing nonsense stuff.  Anybody who wants to challenge me can call in and we can talk about it.”  Nobody called. 

If you don’t know much about feng shui, the simple thing you should understand is, if your house sits back to the north, and facing your front to the south, then basically you can say it’s a good house to be in.  For example, this is such basic understanding of feng shui, in China if you are going through villages, many of these places you go to, if you don’t know east or west, doesn’t matter.  Look at all the houses.  They are all facing this way…

Basically, all these traditional houses they are all set in this direction, north/south, not at an angle.  Of course the city has changed so much, buildings are all set at different angles, that’s why there are a lot of problems with the city, so many accidents.  Go into the rural areas, the villages, all their houses still sit straight on to the north/south directions. 

In the traditional Chinese style building, they have the main building sitting on the north facing the south.  And they have the eastern and western adjacent buildings.  If you want to get into building all this, then you have to acquire a feng shui Master to set this for you.  But if you are only building one building you don’t need anyone to help you.  Just sit, your back to the north and facing to the south, that’s it.

For those who have visited Beijing, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, that city is squarely on the north and south direction.

So where is the center of that tree, that branch?  Only at that hour when the tree breathes, according to north and south, you can see this, kind of dividing line for the tree. This part of the trees skin vs. the other part of the trees skin are different.  Or you can hold out your hand and you can pick up this kind of sensation of the two halves of the trees, therefore you know where the center is.  But remember, you palm is actually the yin side, not the yang side.  If this is the yin side, if you feel like your palm is being pulled toward the tree, like you are sucking into it then you are facing the yang side of the tree.  Now if you feel your palm is being pushed away from the tree, since this is the yin side of your hand, therefore you are facing to the yin side of the tree.  That’s why you feel this kind of pushing away sensation.  It’s a very simple understanding of the magnetic…

So the center of that dead tree, its not to cut the tree off and find the dead center of that stem, that’s not the idea, you have to find the dividing lines for the yin side and the yang side of that tree, and you simply take that the bai jiao jiang, sweet gum resin, smear on that line, that is the center of the tree.

If you cut the tree in half, look at the rings there for the years, that’s not the center.

So heres the question, when you find the diving line, how far off the ground is the center supposed to be?  Right there or here or here?  Now its so high you cannot reach, how you going to smear the resin on there.  Remember, once you have that line pinpointed, nine inches off the ground, that’s where the center is. 

Let me tell you a poem:

Nine inches off the ground is the center of that tree.

In the yin and yang, south and north, those are the four determinants of the rings, wheels of the trees.

In regard to the tree,

What’s above is the heaven,

What’s below is the earth.

The north is therefore the yang,

And the south is the yin.

For people today, very few can discern the north and south of earth or which is the yin and yang.  Most people today think the east side is the yang, where the sun rises, and the west side is the yin.  Why do they think that way. Simple. According to the sun, the sun rises in the east.  When we talk about yin/yang we are not talking just about the earth…how the earth relates to the whole universe.  In this whole universe, why the north is the yang and the south is the yin. 

So traditionally when we determine direction we will say looking straight ahead we will say what’s above is the north, what’s below is the south, to your left is the east, and to your right is the west.  So that’s the traditional phrases that will refer to directions in Chinese feng shui.  What’s above is the north, below the south, left east, right west.  This was already determined in such a way thousands of years ago in China.

Over 3000 years ago was the time when the Taoist teachings were at their high point.  From the teaching of …Lao Tzu…there’s really no concept for this in the west…sort of like the two rivers. Have any of you heard about the two rivers?  This kind of knowledge, I learned ten lifetimes ago.  There’s nothing like this today…

Think of two rivers, here’s the river of evolution, here’s the river of involution.  From the east begins the evolution, however, its according to what the north dictates.  Whatever happens on earth, the north eastern region of any continent is usually where anything begins, the stronghold of any continent. 

In a human body, the east river flows in a sense refers to the head.  Whatever below, is where the boat will go, the water will go lower and lower, Then you can think of it this way, in a human body, whether man or woman, the head is the east, the rising of the sun, but that doesn’t  refer to the real eastern direction, simply means… from the north, that’s where everything begins, what’s below, the water course will flow downward.

Let me first make this comment, modern day sciences are all partial sciences, they are not real sciences.  Because I often make this comment, only when they understand about human bodies, because the human body is connected to all and everything in the universe, will they understand about science.  Science in its greatest scope.  Other than that, their understanding of science is very limited…

So whatever is below is where the boat goes, today we will not be able to go into that.  So here all this understanding will lead to the result, referring to this tree, roughly nine inches off the ground is the where the center point of that dividing line is where the center point of the tree should be.  This is where the yin and yang are coming together, at that joining point is where the center or heart of the tree is located.  When you really have that time you should go and observe for yourself and you will see something special you never noticed before. 

Once you can find the center or heart of the tree, in a sense to resuscitate by smearing the resin in that center on that heart, then within thirty days that tree will begin to grow again, new leaves will sprout.  So you think this is only about trees? To make dead trees alive again? No, it can also be about a person.

Let’s say this person is dying, almost completely dead.  In the old days, ancients would say, his time expires.  Take bai jiao jiang, sweet gum resin.  Then if you understand the heart is not the physical heart, the heart is located according to what I just covered about the rivers of evolution and involution, so whatever is above, is the east, follow the dictates of the north, whatever is below, is where the boat will flow to, you locate the heart, and smear the resin on there, and this person will come alive again. 

Therefore, its not this physical heart, it’s the hear is where, you can think of the soul of the person is shifting.  I described it with a tree here nine inches off the ground is the heart.  Then you have determined, according to the north and south, according to the yin and yang to figure out where the flow is actually at.  Three times three becomes nine, you have to calculate this correctly, and the seven pole stars are all above, the universe is above this human body, where you can locate the original point where everybody is following, then you can revive this person.

So I already told you where the heart is, that’s it.  You have to figure it out.

In other words, this first technique in the Uccussma, to make a dead tree come alive again, is to make a dying person live again. 

Second one, is to make dead springs or wells yield water again.  Lets say this is a well has no more water, its dry.  You want to take some clean ash and circle that well, that spring.  Then you take about roughly three liters of ?jing hua shuey? And everybody that learned in the class understands what jing hua sui means, then you pour the water in the spring or in the well.  Chant at the hour of the tiger, which refers to three to five o’clock in the morning, chant 108 times.

Once done correctly, water will begin to yield in an instance.  So what is clean ash? What is jing hua sui? Or jing hua water? You have to get this right, then you will be successful.  Is anything burned to ash considered clean ash?  Clean ash refers to something in particular, its not any ashes.  The clean ash is of, from nine different woods.  Here are the nine different types of wood: 

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